When Do the Starter Pokemon Evolve in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Starter Evolution Levels

Pokemon Sword & Shield is the latest entry in this long-running, iconic franchise. Set in the Galar region, players will once again embark on a new adventure in a unique land that’s filled with Pokemon. Just like previous games, you will have a choice of three different Pokemon at the start of Sword & Shield. These will be the first pocket monsters you obtain and will, most likely, be with you for the majority of the game. While you can keep them small and cuddly, many will want to evolve their starter Pokemon right away.

For all three Starter Pokemon, they will evolve into their second form at Level 16 and their final form at Level 36. This is the same for all of the Starter Pokemon, so don’t worry about one of them evolving faster than another. There are no stones or special actions are required to evolve them. Once they hit that level the animation will begin and they will transform.

Additionally, none of the Starter Pokemon will change or gain another type once they evolve. These Pokemon will either be a pure Water, Fire, or Grass-type, even in their final forms. However, this doesn’t mean that these Pokemon cannot learn other moves that are not one of these types. In fact, we recommend making sure your Pokemon has a diverse move pool. This will give you more flexibility in combat, especially towards the end of the game.

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