How to Evolve Applin in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolve Applin

With Pokemon Sword & Shield officially released, players will embark on a new journey through the Galar region. This means there’s a ton of new Pokemon to capture and evolve. However, not every Pokemon can be evolved by just gaining experience through battles or Rare Candy. Applin, is a Pokemon that can only be evolved by using either a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple. Unique to Sword & Shield, each version of the game comes with a different evolution form for Applin.

Here’s how to evolve this adorable food monster!

In order to evolve Applin, you will need to progress through the game until you reach Hammerlocke. This location will be available after the third gym and this is the only place you can evolve your Applin. Once you arrive, go up the ramp and stop at the cross-section where the Pokemon Center is. Now go left down the road until you reach a large archway with a trainer standing on some grass. This will be right after you cross the large wooden bridge.

Speak to the trainer and select the “I haven’t” option when he asks if you’ve heard the rumor. After that, the trainer will temporarily borrow your Applin and you’ll get a new dialogue exchange. At the end of it, the trainer will give you a special item depending on whether you’re playing Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

If you’re playing Pokemon Shield you will earn the Sweet Apple, while Sword users get the Tart Apple. Now place Applin in your party and then open up your Bag in the menus. Go to the Other Items tab and select whichever Apple you were given. All you have to do is select “Use this Item” and then click on Applin.

This will instantly evolve your Pokemon into either Appletun if you’re on Shield or Flapple if you’re playing Sword. Since you can only evolve Applin with this item, make sure to visit this trainer when you get into Hammerlocke!

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