When Do Double Bloodpoints End in Dead by Daylight?


To help ring in the new year, Dead by Daylight is running a double bloodpoints event for new and old players to catch up on some of the perks they’ve missed out from all of the new content.

With more DLC available in DBD than ever, it’s important for players to collect as many bloodpoints as they can. Of course, BP is the currency that makes the world go around in the game, so players definitely appreciate this gesture.

Unfortunately, double bloodpoints don’t last forever so players will need to take advantage of that while they are available.

Here’s when double bloodpoints will be leaving Dead by Daylight.

When Will Double Bloodpoints End?

Leatherface Dead by Daylight killer tier list

BHVRBBQ and Chill with us.

This special event will wrap up January 6, so players have plenty of time to secure some bloodpoints to spend on perks.

If you have all the perks on all survivors and killers already, then you might want to consider stocking up on a bunch of items in the bloodweb.

No matter the case, there is always something you can spend bloodpoints on, so there’s really no reason not to stockpile them.

The points cap out at one million so you’ll have no choice but to spend them before that point. You can keep on playing like normal, but you just won’t be earning any extra bloodpoints.

If you’re a new player looking for easy ways to earn BP, then we have you covered with some tips.

Make sure you play a well-rounded game complete with unhooking, running the killer, and doing generators.

The same goes for the killers too as you’ll need to make sure you’re not camping the hooks or getting crushed on the generators.

Some perks that will help you gain BP quicker are We’re Gonna Live Forever for survivors and BBQ and Chili for the killers.

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