Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Window Revealed

dead by daylight mobile release date


The smash-hit asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead by Daylight is officially going mobile and BHVR has finally given players a release window for when they can expect to get their hands on it.

It will be available for both iOS and Android devices and the developers will be rewarding all early adopters with some exclusive cosmetics.

But hold your horses, when exactly is this game coming out for mobile?

Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date

The Legion Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

BHVRThe mobile is release is coming soon.

Behaviour officially announced the game will launch in Spring 2020 for mobile players, meaning we still could be a couple months out from its release, but at least fans now know a window.

Keep in mind that this release window will only be for the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

One thing we don’t know as of yet is just how well the game will run on a phone. It’s no secret that when it first launched, Dead by Daylight console performance wasn’t all that great. It’s not exactly perfect now, but it’s in a much better spot.

BHVR has already brought its game to the Switch, and the performance there is pretty solid, so there’s no reason not to expect it to run fine on iOS and Android.

Free Cosmetics?

dead by daylight mobile free cosmetics

BHVRDead by Daylight Mobile has some free gear up for grabs.

Players who get signed up for pre-registration will have the opportunity to unlock this gear, depending on how many players actually do it.

Here’s what can be unlocked:

  • Tier 1 (500K pre-reg): Weekend T-Shirt | Surf Tone; Hooded Training Top; Two-tone Coat; The Scarecrow; 2000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 2 (750K): Watermelon Pants; Sports Leggings; Red Flash Boots; Marked Spike Maul; 3000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 3 (1M): Preppy Flat cap; Jogging Headband; Colorful Headscarf; Bill Overbeck; 5000 Iridescent Shards

Of course, it’s really going to be up to how many people actually register if these rewards are actually earned, but it’s nice to see them actually offer up some incentives.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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