Every Cheat Code & How to Use Them in DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Cheat Codes

DOOM Eternal is an FPS that embraces old school mechanics such as picking up health, power-ups, and having Extra Lives. One of the most entertaining additions is Cheat Codes, which can alter the game in fun, unique ways. These have the added benefit of not disabling trophies/achievements, which makes completing activities such as Slayer Gates much easier. However, Cheat Codes can’t be used right away, as you need to actually discover them in each mission. Players must beat a level first before they can use Cheat Codes on it.

How to Get Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes are classified as Secrets, which are marked as white question marks on your map. These are typically hidden throughout a mission in hard to reach locations or behind the semi-elaborate puzzles you’ll need to solve. We suggest picking up the Item Classifier suit upgrade as soon as possible. This allows you to see the location of every Secret on your map, making it far easier to locate all the Cheat Codes.

You’ll know when you’ve found one because it will be on a Floppy Disc with the name of the code on it. Since there’s no other way to obtain Cheat Codes, it’s worth taking the extra few minutes to thoroughly explore each room.

Here are the Cheat Codes in DOOM Eternal:

  • Activate All Cheat Codes – All cheat codes are activated
  • Infinite Extra Lives – Players have infinite Extra Lives
  • IDDQD – Sentinel Armor is on for the entire mission
  • IDKFA – Every weapon, upgrade, mastery, and equipment is unlocked
  • Instant Stagger Mode – One hit from bullets, explosions, your flamethrower, or dashing instantly staggers demons
  • All Runes – Every rune is active at once
  • Infinite Ammo – Players have infinite ammo in their guns
  • Powerup Mode: Onslaught – Infinite Onslaught Power-Up
  • Powerup Mode: Overdrive – Infinite Overdrive Power Up
  • Powerup Mode: Berserk – Infinite Berserk Power-Up
  • Silver Bullet Mode – Staggered demons die in a single hit from bullets, explosions, your flamethrower, or dashing.
  • Fully Upgraded Suit – All Praetor Suit Perks are unlocked
  • Famine Mode – Demons do not drop health or armor upon death
  • Party Mode – Demons burst into confetti when damaged/killed
  • QuakeCon Mode – An invisible audience cheers based on how you play

How to Use Cheat Codes

DOOM Eternal

Bethesda Softworks, id Software

Now that you have all these cheat codes how do you activate them? To turn on a cheat code, head to the Fortress of Doom and go to the Mission Select. From here you can add or remove cheat codes. You can also turn on cheat does via the Main Menu’s Mission Select screen by hitting Square (PS4)/X (Xbox One). Remember, these will only be active after you beat a level, so don’t count on them during your first playthrough.

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