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Going into May, there will be a new set of Twitch Prime loot available for subscribers, and this time they’ll be able to get their hands on some exclusive Fallout 76 and Destiny 2 cosmetics.

The timing for this loot couldn’t be better as it’s coming off the major Wastelanders updates for Fallout 76 that introduced NPCs into the game.

One of the major complaints about Bethesda’s online foray was the fact that it lacked much of what made the Fallout series great, but this latest expansion has certainly helped win part of the fanbase back.

Twitch Prime subscribers can get their hands on the Wastelanders bundle which includes the Settlers Workchief and Raider Nomad Outfits. It’s not a great deal of content, but getting something is definitely better than getting nothing.

This content is available right now. Another major title getting more Twitch Prime loot is Destiny 2. Despite being close to three years old at this point, Bungie is still dumping resources into the game and the fourth loot drop is now available.

Fallout 76 Firecracker Berry

Fallout 76 has improved greatly since launch.

This drop has all sorts of cosmetics up for grabs. It includes the S’Mores Exotic Emote, Death to Kells Exotic Ship, Star Map Exotic Ghost Shell and The Whipcrack Legendary Sparrow. All you’ll have to do is have an active membership to claim.

What makes Twitch Prime loot even more exciting is the fact that even if you use up a free trial and let your subscription lapse, anything that you claim will remain in your account permanently. That means if you see something that catches your eye, you don’t even have to spend any money to get it if you have a free trial.

You can check and see if you have a free trial of Twitch Prime here. If you don’t, you’ll just have to pony up for one, but depending on how you feel about all of these cosmetics, it might end up being worth it.

To claim your free gear, all you’ll have to do is head to Twitch and click on the Prime Loot icon in the top left. Alternatively, you can just follow the link here. There is a lot more loot available outside of these two games, so make sure you check it all out!

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Start Your Twitch Prime 30-Day Free Trial Now

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