Fortnite Travis Scott Concert Event Leaks In-Game

fortnite travis scott concert

Epic Games / Getty Travis Scott x Fortnite.

A few months ago, the rumors were swirling about a potential Travis Scott concert coming to Fortnite.

Of course, this might sound weird, but if you remember back to early 2019, Marshmello had a show of his own, so it’s really not all that strange.

However, almost just as soon as Travis Scott was leaked, he was removed from the in-game files and fans sort of forgot about the event.

Fast forward to April and it’s looking like it’s full-steam ahead for the concert. Hints have already started to pop up in the form of posters and leakers have revealed even more about the potential event.

Everything We Know About the Travis Scott Event

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX has captured footage of a Travis Scott song playing when you look at the approaching meteor when you drop out of the bus.

On top of this, FireMonkey says the leaked Jerky event is “pretty much confirmed” to be the Travis Scott concert. He also shows a closeup of the meteor.

Shiina also confirmed the news with a leak of their own, so the only concern that remains is exactly when to expect this concert.

Nothing concrete has been set as of yet, but it’s certainly seeming like it’s just over the horizon.

It could have been planned as an end of season event, but since the season has been extended a whole month, there’s a lot of different times this event can take place in now.

If you actually load up Fortnite and head into a match, you’ll see posters around the island that seemingly advertise the event, meaning it’s closer than you might think.

It’s no secret that Travis Scott is actually a big fan of Fortnite. Although Ninja and Drake got all of the headlines, the Houston rapper was part of the squad that broke all sorts of Twitch records.

Now, it looks like he’ll be immortalized in Fortnite, we just don’t know exactly when. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope he gets his own skin.