When Does Nemesis Appear in the Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Appearance

Nemesis is one of the most terrifying enemies in the history of video games. Returning in the Resident Evil 3 remake, Nemesis is a supremely difficult foe that will constantly appear throughout the campaign. Thankfully, Nemesis isn’t just aimlessly wandering around Raccoon City waiting for you to stumble across him. This enemy only appears either in key story moments or after the player performs a specific action. If you don’t want any surprises when playing Resident Evil 3, here’s every instance this monster arrives.

Keep in mind, there are only a handful of instances where Nemesis is physically chasing Jill in an open setting. A lot of the big moments are scripted, especially during the game’s second half. Nemesis also makes up all the boss battles in the game, so if you see a big arena, assume that this ugly menace will be right around the corner.

——————-Warning Story Spoilers Below!——————-

Nemesis will appear during the following sequences:

  • After Jill turns on the power for the subway station
  • When Jill returns to the subway after rerouting the tracks
  • A minor chase sequence  when Jill arrives at the subway station
  • When Jill escapes the sewers (Nemesis Boss Battle #1)
  • After Jill leaves the gun store and heads back to the subway station
  • When Jill is crossing the bridge to the clocktower
  • Right after Jill tries to confront Nikolai in the Umbrella Warehouse
  • In the large central waste disposal room (Nemesis Boss Battle #2)
  • In the Umbrella Labs when Jill finds Nikolai (Nemesis Boss Battle #3)

Outside of the boss battles, when confronting Nemesis on the streets of Raccoon City we strongly recommend you use grenades or other explosives. Just make sure to fire explosives at the floor when he is on two legs, otherwise, he will dodge them. These do a lot of damage to him and have the potential to temporarily stun Nemesis. This is actually worth the effort, as Nemesis will drop an Umbrella Case that contains an upgrade for your pistol.

There are a total of two upgrades and one case of special ammo you can get from stunning him. The first time earns you the red dot sight for the pistol, while the second case contains the silencer. Finally, stunning him a third time drops a case with three Flame Rounds for the grenade launcher. Unless you’re very low on ammo, we suggest only stunning him twice since the pistol upgrades are quite useful!