Dead by Daylight’s Next Killer Will Be Licensed

dead by daylight new killer


To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Dead by Daylight, the developers at BHVR will be hosting a livestream on May 26 that will talk about the future of the game, including the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 16 will feature a licensed killer for the first time in quite a while, and it will be revealed in full later in the month. There are a lot of different ways they can go with their licensed options as numerous high-profile killers from films remain.

With licensed killers, there will usually be a recognizable survivor and map to go along with it, but there have been exceptions to this in the past, with the most notable one being Ghostface. BHVR says it will be a “classic” license, and one that has “marked the world of horror since its inception.”

Obviously, Jason Voorhees is no doubt off-limits due to the ongoing lawsuit with the licensing surround the film franchise, but leaks have suggested the new killer could be Candyman.

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BHVRA new chapter is sneaking up on us!

This would make a lot of sense when you consider a sequel to the 1992 original is set to debut later this year if it doesn’t end up being pushed back due to COVID-19 concerns. It would be a good time to capitalize on the popularity, which is what we saw in the past with the Stranger Things chapter.

No matter the route BHVR decides to take, there will surely be a lot of excitement from the community as the game they love turns four. It’s a huge milestone to reach and it’s looking like the future remains bright for the title.

At this point, one has to wonder if production will eventually shift to a sequel, but considering they just released the mobile version of DBD, that could still be quite far on the horizon.

Whatever the direction of the game will be, we’ll find out in the livestream on May 26, so make sure you tune in and find out what the future of Dead by Daylight holds.

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