When Does Halo 2 PC Come Out? Release Date, Game Pass, More

halo 2 pc release date


When the Halo: Master Chief Collection was first announced as a PC title, it was done so with the caveat that the games would be releasing in chronological order, starting with Reach.

Now that Reach and the original have now been released, fans have their eyes set on Halo 2, which was the game that skyrocketed the series into the forefront of console first-person shooters and essentially put Microsoft’s Xbox Live on the map.

Halo 2 did actually release on the PC way back in the day, but this will be the anniversary edition of the game that was released with the Master Chief Collection that featured updated graphics.

It’s a title that players have been waiting years for and it has finally arrived. Here’s when Halo 2 will finally release on PC.

Halo 2 PC Release Date

halo 2 anniversary pc release date

MicrosoftHalo 2 is nearly here on PC!

Halo 2 will be releasing for PC on May 11, meaning players won’t have to wait much longer at all to get their hands on it.

It will be released as part of the Master Chief Collection, so if you already own that on Steam or the Windows 10 Store, you won’t have to do anything except install it when it’s released.

This will also mean there are many more achievements for you to unlock if that’s something you’re in to, of course.

Is Halo 2 Part of Xbox Game Pass PC?

halo 2 pc xbox game pass

Halo 2 will be part of the Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Like every Halo title before it that has released on PC, it will be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Although the Master Chief Collection is also available on Steam, it will be cross-platform with the Windows 10 version. However, the Steam version isn’t part of the Xbox Game Pass, which can be confusing to people not in the know.

Basically, any Xbox Game Pass title will only be available through the Windows 10 version. The Steam version is available for those who like to keep their games in one spot or for anyone who doesn’t like to navigate Microsoft’s store ecosystem.