Anthony Joshua to Join Tyson Fury in New EA Game, Per Sources

Getty Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury was previously reported to be included in the upcoming EA UFC 4 game, but now it seems as though he may be joined by the only other heavyweight champion in boxing, Anthony Joshua.

According to sources with intimate knowledge and firsthand information about the game, Fury will be joined by the reigning WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight champion in the upcoming mixed martial arts game.

Per sources, both Joshua and Fury will be unlockable characters for users who have completed the career mode in the game. That should serve as a major motivation for fans to complete the single-player experience, and to buy the game in the United Kingdom.

It is interesting to see that both recognized heavyweight champions in boxing only have a video game presence in a mixed martial arts title. Many boxing fans would die for the chance to use Joshua, Fury, and any other prominent boxer in a video game.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a new boxing video game arise since EA’s Fight Night Champion which was released nine years ago, way back in March 2011. To say a new boxing game is overdue is like saying Fury is kind of tall.

Smaller independent projects like the Art of Boxing are delivering their best efforts, but check in as more of a journeyman fighter than a true contender or champion.

Art of Boxing 🥊 Career Mode on Display (Early Version)Prince of OverBro Media came through with a second look at Art of Boxing's career mode. Remember, this is an early build and the game could look different once it's released. Subscribe to the Operation Sports YouTube channel and to OverBroMedia –

Perhaps EA’s decision to sign Joshua and Fury could mean they are open to bringing back the Fight Night series with the two heavyweights as a main focus of their roster. EA could use the upcoming EA UFC 4 game as a way to gauge fans’ thirst for a new boxing title.

Perhaps and all-boxing mode that allows you to throw hands only with Joshua, Fury, and other members of the roster would be fun, and yet another accurate gauge of fans’ desire to play a boxing title.

Mike Tyson has been included in previous versions of EA UFC, so with Joshua and Fury rumored to be added to the roster, it will be interesting to see if he is brought back for the new game as well.

The game could also be used as a way to tease a potential clash between Joshua and Fury. The two men hold the four recognized world titles, and they have gone back and forth at each other for years. There is no question their bout would be one of–if not the–biggest fight to make in the sport. Still, it’s strange for a video game–and one that is based around mixed martial arts–would be used as a precursor for a real fight.

Then again, this is boxing, and nothing should be too surprising about what happens in and around the sport.

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