How to Open Fortnite Vaults Without a Keycard

fortnite vault no keycard

Epic Games

If you want a way to get an edge in a Fortnite match, opening up one of the vaults found at the boss locations would definitely be a way to do that.

These are almost always a hot location for players in the early game, so if you’re opening up the vault, it will usually mean you came out on top of a massive battle.

Even if you are victorious, you’ll still need to have a keycard to gain access to the giant stockpile of loot, at least that’s what Epic Games would want you to believe.

Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A uploaded a video on June 6 that showed you can actually get into the vault without a keycard at all, meaning you can skip all of the hard work but reap all of the rewards.

How to Enter the Vault With No Keycard

As it turns out, if you’re fine with performing a glitch, you can enter the vault without having to do any of the hard work.

He mentions that this glitch had already been patched once by Epic Games, but it looks like it has reared its ugly head once again for all of the rule-breakers out there to take advantage of.

It doesn’t actually look like it’ll be too easy to pull off, but Ali-A positioned a boat in a very strange way and found a way to glitch under the map with it, which essentially gives him access to the contents of the vault. He first did it in a private lobby with no enemies, but later tried it in a regular lobby.

You Can Do It in Regular Lobbies

Ali-A proved this glitch can work in both private and normal lobbies, making it a real issue if it’s abused. Fortnite leaker FortTory has also confirmed this is possible.

The only issue is Ali-A blurs the screen just enough for players to have to do some guesswork about how this works, but FortTory makes it a bit clearer.

Nevertheless, he does show you can perform this glitch and if people know how to maneuver the boat, they can just pop up inside of a vault without even opening it first.

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