Unreleased Weapons That Could Be in Fortnite Season 3

fortnite unreleased weapons

Epic Games

The start of a new season of Fortnite is always an exciting time for the community because it will usually mean a plethora of new content that includes new weapons, items and map changes.

Provided it doesn’t receive yet another delay, Season 3 is currently on track to begin on June 11, but that seems like it’s certainly up in the air at this point.

While Epic hasn’t given us much information about what will be happening for the new season, YouTuber Ali-A has an idea of what Epic Games could actually add in terms of weapons.

He talks about Spy Games playlist and how there are weapons in there that are only available in that specific game mode.

What Are the Unreleased Weapons?

There are many guns locked away behind this mode and Ali-A explained exactly what they are to us, but you can also head into the LTM yourself and find them. So, technically they are in the game, but they are just trapped behind a special game mode.

  • Legendary Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Suppressed Pistol/Dualies
  • Semi-Auto Sniper+

He brings up a good point about the weapons actually going through testing right now through the mode, so presumably if Epic likes them, they could just go ahead and make them part of the loot pool once Season 3 rolls around.

The sniper rifle might be a bit much since it is essentially a sniper rifle mixed with an assault rifle, so it’s quite strong.

Will Epic Actually Add Them?

While the sniper rifle might already be ruled out, the suppressed dual pistols could actually work quite well within the confines of Fortnite.

The scoped assault rifle, which very strong, will remain a weapon that is effective in the hands of somebody who has excellent aim so that in itself is a way to keep in balanced.

All in all, there’s not much of a reason for Epic to avoid putting these guns into regular lobbies, unless they just plan on completely overhauling the loot pool in the new season.

One gun that leakers have confirmed is the Flare Gun, but we don’t exactly know what that will do. Something that would make perfect sense is having it call down a supply drop, but it remains to be seen what Epic will do.

Fortnite Season 3 is currently set to begin June 11 on all platforms.

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