Fortnite Season 3 Leak May Have Already Been Hinted At

fortnite season 3 tease leak

Epic Games

The Fortnite Season 3 leak from the PlayStation Store may have already been hinted before Sony even accidentally leaked it in the first place.

Throughout Fortnite seasons, Epic Games will debut various loading screens for players to unlock and see, and as it turns out, it looks like one of them might have been holding some secrets.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted the Fortnite loading screen titled “Dangerous Waters” actually featured three palm trees on top of The Shark, which is exactly what we saw in the Season 3 PSN leak.

What this means remains to be seen, but it does seem like a pretty concrete hint as we head into Season 3.

Those Trees Look Familiar

Reddit user caramelitogame posted a side-by-side shot of the load screen and the leak, showing the trees on top of the shark location.

There are a few things this could possibly refer to, with the first one being that the map has flooded so high that it has covered this entire location up, leaving just the trees remaining there.

On the other hand, this could just be a red herring and not really mean anything. But, if you know anything about Epic Games it’s that they like to leave a trail of bread crumbs for players to follow throughout a season. While this could end up being nothing, at the same time it could be everything.

When Will We Find Out the Truth?

fortnite season 3 leak

Epic GamesFortnite Season 3.

Fortnite Season 3 kicks off on June 17, so there isn’t a whole lot of time between the time of this writing and the end of the season, provided Epic doesn’t dish out an unprecedented fourth extension.

The Device live event will begin on June 15, so there will be two days of downtime between that and the end of the season, so whatever happens as a result of that will be felt for a couple of days.

One thing Epic Games does well that everyone can agree on is their live events are usually the best part of a season, so we’ll just have to hope this long wait was worth it.

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