Nintendo Releases Jump Rope Challenge, A Free Switch Game

jump rope challenge nintendo


Nintendo just released a new, free game for the Nintendo Switch called Jump Rope Challenge.

The game has you holding both Joy-Con controllers in each of your hands and then jump in place in order to jump rope in the game, according to a press release. The game will count how many jumps you make and even track how many jumps you do every day. The game features simple menus, simple gameplay with no tutorials, and even two player multiplayer where two players hold a Joy-Con each and try to reach a high score. If you are unable to jump or don’t want to disturb anyone in the house or any neighbors with you jumping around, you can also virtually jump rope by bending your knees or moving your arms.

A small team of Nintendo developers made the game while working in home in Japan to create a game that adds some quick and fun movement to their daily lives, according to the press release.

The game is available to download from now until the end of September in the Nintendo eShop, according to the press release.

Here’s the game in action:

With gyms closing as the covid-19 pandemic swept the world, Ring Fit Adventure, a surprisingly robust exercise game with turn-based RPG elements, went out of stock. Nintendo told Polygon in a statement back in March that the game is selling out in the Americas, but it did not attribute the shortage to covid-19, and in fact made no mention of it in their statement to the publication. As of May, they’re still continuing to manufacture the game and expect to continue to supply the market gradually, said Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa (via Digital Trends). Meanwhile, resellers are charging well over the $79.99 retail price for the game on secondhand sites, according to Polygon.

So it’s possible that Jump Rope Challenge was released to give Switch owners some kind of game where you exercise every day and track your progress over time.

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