Twitch Goes Down Amid Fortnite Live Event

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Before the Fortnite live event began on June 15, 2020, Twitch reported issues with aspects of the site loading, leaving viewers unable to tune into streams to watch the event live.

Viewers reported the site’s failure to load, including directories and streams, and Twitch Support tweeted about the failure.

“We are looking into an issue causing multiple errors across Twitch right now, including elements of the site not loading,” the account posted.

Twitch Went Down Amid High Viewership

Because the Fortnite event was capped off at a certain amount of viewers and amid errors in the Epic Games launcher, Twitch was experiencing high viewership before aspects of the site began to stop loading.

Streamers reported their streams going down and not being able to go live following.

At the time of the event, Fortnite had 2.4 million viewers on the streaming site alone, and they likely had record-breaking watching streams on Mixer and YouTube as well.

The Epic Games Launcher Also Went Down

Prior to the start of the Fortnite event, the Epic Games Launcher stopped working. The Epic Games Store Twitter account tweeted about the issue.

“We are currently investigating reports of players being unable to launch any of their games in the Epic Games Launcher. We will follow up once we have more information,” the account posted.

Today’s Fortnite event reached capacity nearly half an hour before the start of the event, and they encouraged fans to watch streams on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer instead of trying to join. Epic had previously encouraged players to get into the event at least a half-hour before the start time to reserve their spot.

“The Device is almost set for activation. Midas’ plan will unfold at 2:00 PM ET (18:00 UTC). Space is limited, so we recommend arriving 30 minutes early to help secure your spot. Creative mode, Party Royale, and Battle Lab are currently disabled,” Fortnite Status tweeted.

Custom matches, creative mode, and Battle Royale playlists were all disabled prior to the event and are expected to return shortly after the conclusion.

The Event Saw the Fortnite Map Flooded

As has become the norm with Fortnite live events, the newest event changed the status quo of the game for players. Now, instead of the usual storm, it appears that the map will flood instead.

The event, which took place at The Agency, began as underwater hatches came out of the water and turned out to be poles or antennas. Then, the Doomsday device lifted out and began to emit radiation.

There were aspects of the event that included players being sent into an office with a first-person point of view as well. The whole event led to the storm being pushed off the island and possibly deleted for good.

Streamers speculated that the storm will now be water and devices like launchpads will no longer be effective. They also thought that it would be much harder to fight in the storm after the update.

Fortnite Season 3 launches in just two days, meaning that the lore and other aspects of the game will update then.

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