How to Get Fortnite Black Widow Snow Suit Skin For Free

fortnite black widow skin free

Epic Games

The next Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament is nearly upon us and there’s another Fortnite skin being given away as a gift for those who get a high placement in the tournament.

Black Widow will be the latest prize and this will end up being the third skin given away through this tournament, joining Ghost Rider and Daredevil before it.

Now, you might be wondering why Black Widow because we actually have a skin already in the game from quite a while ago, but this one’s going to have some key differences.

The major distinction is this one will be based on her snow suit look, meaning instead of it being black, we’ll instead be getting an entirely white design.

How to Get the Skin For Free

According to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, this will be the reward for a tournament taking place on November 11, leaving you with just a couple of days to get a team together.

Instead of having the Trios format, you’ll instead be competing with a Duo, so things will be a bit different on that end.

Epic has revealed how the tournament will work, and with the switch to Duos, there are some minor changes.

What to Expect

Here’s where you’ll have to place in order to get the skin bundle for free. More times have the ability to win this time around.

  • Europe – Top 1,200
  • NA East – Top 750
  • NA West – Top 300
  • Brazil – Top 300
  • Asia – Top 150
  • Oceania – Top 150
  • Middle East – Top 150

As for the rules, those can be read here. Other than some small changes, if you’ve played the previous Marvel Knockout tournaments, then you’ll know what to expect with this one too.

If you don’t win the skin through the tournament, it’ll still hit the item shop later this season, so there will be a way to get it no matter what. Expect the pricing for the bundle to be similar to Ghost Rider and Daredevil.

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