How the PS5 DualSense Controller Enhances Fortnite

fortnite ps5 dualsense

Epic Games

It has been confirmed that Fortnite will be a launch title on both the Xbox and PS5 when the new consoles launch, but PS5 owners might get a slight edge from the controller alone.

Sony has been hyping up their new DualSense controller ever since the console was announced, and in several ways it seems like they are pushing it more than the new hardware itself.

Of course, the game has to take advantage of the new controller, and Epic Games explained how the DualSense will work with Fortnite and how your guns will feel while using them.

DualSense Changes the Game

Adaptive trigger feedback will be implemented with this controller, something that Epic explains will make your weapons feel like they are actually in your hands. If you’re confused by what that’ll actually mean, Epic has a breakdown for you.

“Weapons that fire once per trigger pull — your Pistols, SMGs, Snipers, Assault Rifles, etc. — will use trigger pull feedback, meaning you’ll feel the authentic resistance of pulling their triggers as you push down the trigger of the DualSense.”

For weapons that require you to keep the trigger held down like the Minigun, Epic says you’ll feel an “authentic resistance” that will mimic the feel of what it’s like to actually keep the gun firing.

Any Competitive Advantage?

If you’re not a controller player or if you’re somebody who isn’t getting the PS5, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any advantages to somebody using these controller.

The only bonus they’ll be getting is a different feeling experience that will make the whole thing feel more immersive. For many games, this will end up being pretty cool, but it almost sounds like it could get in the way in Fortnite, especially with how fast-paced the game can get.

Of course, we’ll find out exactly how this feels once the PS5 launches later this month.

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