Fortnite Leaker Gives Inside Look at New Sand Mechanic

fortnite sand tunneling

Epic Games

A new feature that has appeared in Fortnite Season 5 is the ability to sand tunnel, which can be done by standing still for a few seconds in any sandy part of the map.

It was actually disabled around the start of the season, but it is now back and ready to go. It’s actually been a controversial change to the game so far as many players are using the sand tunneling as a way to just survive to endgame, which is really good for ranking up in Arena.

If you’re interested in a look behind the scenes of how the sand tunneling was actually implemented, Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has given players a look at it, and even suggests it was hastily put together.

How Does The Sand Work?

The leaker shows in a video that all the sand tunneling does is drop your character below the surface and replace it with the sand bubble.

If you look under the sand, all it looks like is your character running as normal, which is likely what leads Lucas7yoshi to believe it has been rushed together.

Of course, you could also point to the fact that it was disabled for several days of the season due to a variety of bugs.

Why You Should Tunnel

Despite the simplicity of the sand tunneling, it’s actually a really powerful mechanic you should take advantage of.

The only major downside of it is you’re standing completely still while you’re trying to sink, but while you’re underneath the ground, you can pretty much just rotate around the map for free.

You have a small shield on your actual sand bubble so you can take some shots and still remain in the sand. However, if you’re broken out of the sand, you’ll be vulnerable for a second or two which could easily end up being the difference between life and death.

It’s a fun thing to mess around with, so get a bunch of friends and see how long you can live under the sand.

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