Fortnite Villain Midas Origin Revealed in New Comic

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Epic Games

If you’ve ever wondered about Midas’ backstory, one of the most renowned villains in all of Fortnite, then Epic Games has you covered.

As part of the next three Crew packs, it looks like Fortnite plans on releasing digital comics that will give us the origin of Midas.

It all begins with the Burning Wolf, Midas’ first enforcer. We know that Midas eventually rallies three different allies to his cause, and we’ll likely be seeing their stories in the comic weeks.

For now, we have just a single comic to go off, but it does add a lot to the lore of Midas. Since his debut earlier in Chapter 2, he has become a fan-favorite character and there have been many different variations of him, with the most recent being his Mid-Summer attire.

Let’s dive in and take a look at it all.

Midas Origin Revealed

The roughly 1-minute long digital comic packs a lot of details in that you might miss on your first watch.

It begins with a narration from Midas himself talking about the legend of the Burning Wolf. It shows the wolf going through the castle and eliminating all of the guards in an effort to reach the throne room.

To the wolf’s surprise, he finds that all of this was a test from Midas, and he was watching the whole thing from a secret room.

It’s an interesting perspective that reveals Midas has been pulling the strings in Fortnite for a very long time.

While this is all we have to go on for now, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of this in the near future. There are two more recruits we have to learn about, and Midas probably made a test or two for them as well.

It looks like the Burning Wolf was able to pass this test with ease, which is why he become one of Midas’ henchmen.

Why Now?

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Epic Games

It’s important to mention that all of this takes place before Midas even showed up in Fortnite, so if you think he’s dead or missing or whatever Epic did with him, remember this is all a prequel.

However, it does seem like Epic has plans on bringing him back to the forefront of Fortnite because why else would all of this be coming out at this time?

Remember, Epic already revealed three months of the Fortnite Crew subscription. September is The Burning Wolf, while October and November are Chaos Origins and Sierra respectively.

While this first comic featured the wolf, it really focused more on Midas pulling the strings, so we expect the next two to follow suit.

At the end, it’ll be interesting to see what’s planned because it could all be leading to the return of the popular villain.

We’re still a few months out from finding out the true motive behind the release of these Crew packs, but we’re sure the payoff will be worth it. At the very least, we’re getting some interesting looking skins out of it.

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