NBA 2K Leaguer Banned After He Was Caught Cheating

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On Monday, Jin Choe, aka Jinsanity, a member of the original NBA 2K League draft class, was banned from the league for cheating in a separate NBA 2K eSports event

Jin, who most recently played power forward for Nets Gaming Club, but was originally drafted by Wizards District Gaming ahead of the inaugural year of the NBA 2K League back in 2018, was dismissed from his current organization and banned from other teams after he circumvented the rules of the NBA 2K21 MyTeam $250,000 Tournament.

Here is a statement released by Nets GC, which confirmed a statement from the league’s Managing Director, Brendan Donohue.

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Jin’s Infraction

Based on the statement, Jin was competing in the MyTeam $250,000 Tournament, which he’d been a part of in previous years, as it takes place during the NBA 2K League offseason.

In the MyTeam Tournament, each participant is supposed to use their own MyTeam accounts to gain qualification through preliminary rounds and once they have entered the advanced elimination stages. No player is allowed to use another person’s account at any point during the tournament or its qualifiers.

This information is stated in the tournament’s official rules.

That section of the rules has been captured below.

You can only play under one (1) account/Gamertag/PSN ID throughout the duration of the Contest and you must play on the same platform (except the Championship Finals, if applicable, which will be played on the PS4 platform) throughout the duration of the Contest. FOR CLARITY, YOU MUST COMPETE ON THE SAME PLATFORM (I.E., XBO OR PS4) THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CONTEST (I.E., ANY GAMEDAYS AND THE TOURNAMENT), EXCEPT FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS (IF APPLICABLE) WHICH WILL BE PLAYED ON THE PS4 PLATFORM.

Entrants suspected of using multiple accounts/Gamertags/PSN IDs or playing on multiple platforms in violation of these Official Rules will be subject to disqualification. All aspects of this Contest are subject to these Official Rules.

The MyTeam Tournament and NBA 2K League are two entirely separate entities. However, with the integrity of a participant called into question in a competition that has such clear similarities to NBA 2K League games, the league’s official made the decision to take strong action against Choe.

In a tweet after the decision was made public, Choe didn’t acknowledge his actions, but did express some contempt toward the NBA 2K League, 2K, and implied others were also involved or guilty of similar different transgressions.

In addition to dismissed former teammate Boo Painter, Jin becomes the second former WDG player to be banned from the league.

Jin’s History in the NBA 2K League

In 2018, Jin helped WDG reach the quarterfinals of the NBA 2K League Playoffs before falling to 76ers GC.

Ahead of the second season, Jin was left unprotected by WDG in the expansion draft. He wasn’t selected by any of the new squads, but Warriors Gaming did add him to their roster a third-round selection in 2019 after being re-entered into the draft pool.

In September 2019, Jin was shipped to Nets GC in exchange for Shuttles. Still in the very early stages of the league, the clubs were positioning themselves as best they could with a bit of a shifting meta from build-to-build, based on the competitive version of NBA 2K they received for league play.

Even with the changes to gameplay, Jin had established himself as a defensive playmaker, and solid, but not spectacular offensive contributor for both WDG, Warriors Gaming, and Nets GC.

Unfortunately, his career has come to a crashing halt in the world of 2K competitive gaming with this scandal connected to the $250,000 MyTeam Tournament.

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