Street Fighter V: Dan & Rose Gameplay, V-Shift, Oro, and More

SF5 Dan


A major refresh is in store for Street Fighter V. And with it comes our first DLC roster entrant for Season 5 and a brand new battle mechanic.

Street Fighter V – Rose Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]Rose Gameplay Trailer of Street Fighter V. Subscribe for all the latest trailers and gameplay: Become a member! Join our Discord server: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Become a patron: #GamersPrey #2021-02-11T17:10:27Z

The game’s Winter Update livestream kicked off by focusing on Rose and the stage she’ll be bundled with, the Marina of Fortune arena from Street Fighter Alpha 2. The motion capture process for the character was put on full display to give viewers a closer look at how her in-game model will function. Then we got a good look at her 3D model and a few of her normal’s, special moves, V-Skill’s, and V-Trigger’s. Rose’s V-Skill 1 actually utilizes tarot cards to make her stronger or her opponent weaker, while her V-Skill 2 marks the return of her Soul Satellite super. Her V-Trigger 1 gives her a time warp, while her V-Trigger 2 brings back her Soul Illusion maneuver.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Dan Gameplay Trailer#DanHibiki, the Master of #Saikyo style, is ready for action in #StreetFighterV. After taking time to train and become stronger, Dan returns with powerful new stylish combos! Taunt your way to a flashy victory! Get the Season 5 Premium Pass or Character Pass to add Dan and bonus content “Eleven” to your roster today, and…2021-02-22T04:22:13Z

Afterward, Dan popped up to showcase his new Battle Costume (which comes with his infamous Tengu mask) and taunt-centric V-Skill 1. Dan’s V-Trigger 1 lets him shoot off his Haoh-Gadoken projectile, which can actually be charged to bounce opponents or cause a guard break. Dan’s V-Skill 2 utilizes another type of taunt that can be used to cancel into other moves. His V-Trigger 2 improves his special moves and gives them even stronger combo potential. Dan’s Critical Art was also showcased for the very first time and it’s quite impressive.

VideoVideo related to street fighter v: dan & rose gameplay, v-shift, oro, and more2021-02-11T12:35:55-05:00

As for the new battle mechanic, it’s called V-Shift. After activating it, players can dash out of the way of an opponent’s attack in slow motion and follow up with one of their own. A V-Shift-Break is an attack that can be landed immediately right after pulling off a V-Shift. You can check out dedicated footage of that new defensive mechanic right here. Balance changes are also on the way and by the looks of things, the game’s weaker characters are getting a much-needed boost in match viability.

SF5 Premium Pass


Dan, the V-Shift battle mechanic, the latest batch of balance changes, and even a brand new training stage are set to arrive on Feb. 22. The usual Character Pass will also be joined by a Premium Character Pass, which comes with even more character costumes, stages, and more.

Street Fighter V – Bonus Content Eleven PreviewRevealed during the #SFVWinterUpdate, #Eleven joins #SFV as BONUS Content with the Season 5 Pass! Get the Season 5 Premium Pass or Character Pass to add Dan and bonus content “Eleven” to your roster today, and characters Rose, Oro, Akira and a mystery 5th character at a later date! PS4 Character pass: PS4 Premium…2021-02-11T18:37:23Z

Getting the Premium Character Pass also gives you access to a bonus DLC character – Eleven, who’s a spinoff of Twelve from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. To close off the stream, we got a quick glimpse at Oro and saw him pull off his signature Tengu Stone technique that surrounds him with all sorts of projectiles.

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