12 Best Gourmet Coffee Gifts: The Ultimate List (2018)

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On the one hand, finding a gift for a coffee lover is easy: there’s a ton of coffee out there. On the other hand, real coffee lovers — coffee connoisseurs — usually demand the best. Ergo, we give you the 12 Best Gourmet Coffee Gifts.

We’re focusing on some dang high quality stuff. For example, one of the products in particular — the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee — is really elite (a redundant phrase if I ever wrote one) and really expensive (another one).

(Ed. Note – Tim is, himself, a coffee snob so he can say these hilarious tongue-in-cheek things.)

Whole Beans or Ground Coffee?

Most of the gifts on the list are whole beans. We make it clear, for each item, whether it’s whole beans or already ground coffee. A couple of the gifts include other treats that are, of course, perfect go-withs for the coffee lover.

Another great reason to give the gift of coffee is that, in many ways, you’re contributing to the good health of your coffee-lovin’ friends. More on this topic at the bottom of the list.

There is an art to 1) roasting beans, an art to 2) making a great cup of coffee and an art to 3) finding the perfect gift. The producers gotcha on 1. The gift recipient’s got ya on 2. And we’ve got you covered on 3.

What are the Best Gourmet Coffee Gifts?

1. Cafe Don Pablo 5 lb. Gourmet Signature Blend Whole Bean Coffee – $28.49

cafe don pablo gourmet coffee

Cafe Don Pablo

These whole beans are from a family-owned company in Florida that sources most of its beans from Latin America. Don Pablo is the nickname that company founder Darron Burke’s grandmother-in-law gave him.

About the coffee: this is Cafe Don Pablo’s signature blend of 100 percent Arabica beans sourced from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. Cafe Don Pablo roasts their own beans in small batches just prior to shipping. In this case, it’s a big five pound bag.

The cupping notes describe the flavor as “sweetly intense, balanced aroma with milk chocolate, cedar and ripe tomato notes.”

This is a hugely popular coffee, with almost 1,600 customer reviews and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Cafe Don Pablo 5 lb. Bag here.

2. Bean Box Gourmet World Tour Coffee Beans Sampler – $89

bean box world coffee gourmet sampler

Bean Box

This gift comes with two layers of vetting: we’ve selected it for the list and, secondly, it’s from a small company in Seattle. (Read: the coffee capital of the world.)

These are whole beans but it’s not just one thing of beans. The World Coffee Tour is a box of 15 different bags of coffee beans sourced from around the world. The beans are then roasted by master-roasters in Seattle.

Bean Box describes the array this way: “The ultimate tour of the world’s top coffee producing regions, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Kona.”

If you dig the coffee gift sets, Bean Box has a coffee & biscotti box, also featuring Seattle roasters.

Buy the Bean Box Gourmet World Coffee Tour here.

3. Cooper’s Cask Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Beans Sampler Set – $39.95

coopers coffee whiskey and rum barrel aged coffee

Cooper’s Cask Coffee

This is a very cool rendition of gourmet coffee and it hits the bull’s eye on two delicious targets: coffee and booze. These are whole beans that have been aged — before roasting — in used whiskey or rum barrels.

After several months in the barrels, the Cooper’s Cask master roaster roasts the single-origin beans and then personally initials and writes the roast date and lot number on every bag.

This coffee gift set comes with:

  • Kentucky Bourbon/Colombian
  • American Single Malt Whiskey/Sumatra
  • Rye Whiskey/Ethiopian
  • Rum/Rwanda

Each bag has four ounces of beans inside and the whole thing is packaged in a good looking Cooper’s Cask Box Set. Another extremely popular gift, the Cooper’s Cask set has more than 285 customer reviews and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Coopers Cask Coffee Beans here.

4. Death Wish & Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee Bundle – $34.18

death wish and valhalla java whole bean coffee

Death Wish Coffee Co.

Proving that coffee roasters have the same clever DNA in them that craft beer makers or wine makers do, Death Wish Coffee Co. has attached a clever name to itself. They call themselves…um…Death Wish Coffee Co.

This is the company’s signature blend — a bag of Death Wish beans — coupled with a bag of another popular blend of beans they make — Valhalla Java. They are whole beans, with the Death Wish in a 16 ounce bag and the Valhalla is a 12 ounce bag.

These are Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic, which is great, but the company really prides itself on what it says on the back of the Death Wish bag: “Warning: world’s strongest coffee. Our beans are carefully selected and roasted to provide the most highly caffeinated, bold coffee available.”

This gourmet coffee has incredible ratings: more than 950 customer reviews and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating average. If you don’t want the set, you can get the Death Wish alone, and that’s got more than 6,965 reviews, with a stellar 4.7 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Death Wish & Valhalla Whole Beans here.

5. Volcanica Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Whole Beans – $92.99

volcanica jamaica blue mountain peaberry coffee

Volcanica Gourmet Coffee

This is the big ticket item of the list, but there’s a very good reason for that. It’s summed up in three words: Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The Blue Mountains are the largest mountain range in Jamaica and that’s where they grow coffee. The coffee farmers don’t produce much, but what they do make is extremely popular among coffee aficionados. Some 80 to 90 percent of all the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grown is exported to Japan, where they have a literal thirst for the stuff.

So because of its scarcity and its taste, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the — if not the — most expensive coffees in the world. And in this case — the 16 ounce bag of whole beans from Volcanica — it’s peaberry whole beans. Peaberry coffee beans are very small and they represent the best five percent of a harvest (of any type of coffee found anywhere).

The Jamaica coffee industry is tightly regulated by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority Coffee Division (formerly the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board) and growers and distributors of the beans must be licensed and certified.

In this case, Volcanica does get its Jamaica Blue Mountain beans from an authorized producer — the Wallenford Estate. You can find other products on Amazon that are marketed as Jamaica Blue Mountain beans (some from Wallenford, some from Jah B), but there are others that don’t emphasize their official source.

Frankly, one giveaway as to the authenticity of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is price. If you find it priced low, you’re probably getting a non-licensed version or a blend.

Volcanica calls this “the Rolls Royce of coffees and the most prized coffee in the world.” The single-source beans are medium roasted and immediately packaged and sealed. Out of more than 235 customer reviews, these beans average 4.5 out of a 5-star rating system.

For an extravagant gourmet coffee gift, consider Volcanica’s two-pack of Jamaica Blue Mountain beans, which also come with biscotti and a rum cake, packed in a gift box.

Buy the Volcanica Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Beans here.

6. Best Dog Lover Canine Inspired Coffee Gift Set – $32.95

best dog lover canine inspired coffee


A perfect gift for the dog/slash/coffee lover. This is ground coffee from Tyler, Texas roasting company Coffee City USA. The beans are 100 percent Arabica (which is the generally-accepted superior bean to the robusta).

Once roasted, the beans are ground and are immediately packaged up in eight different pooch-themed bags, some of which are flavored:

  • Morning Yip Medium Blend
  • Begging Dog Dutch Chocolate Brownie
  • Wet Nose Nudge Colombian Supremo
  • Muddy Dog Caramel Mudslide
  • Naughty Dog Dark Roast Blend
  • Nutty Dog Southern Pecan
  • Salty Dog Salted Caramel
  • Crazy Dog Jamaican Me Loco

Each bag is 1.5 ounces and is enough to make a 10 cup pot of coffee.

If you’re buying for a cat lover, check out the Best Cat Lover sampler.

Buy the Best Dog Lover Coffee Gift Set here.

7. Godiva Chocolatier 12 Piece Gold Discovery Box & Chocolate Coffee Gift Set – $42.85

godiva chocolatier 12 piece gold discovery box and chocolate coffee gift set

Godiva Chocolatier

If you’re looking for coffee gift sets — especially if part of the set is chocolate — this is a great looking and very tasty option. You get a box of chocolates and a bag of ground coffee from renowned chocolatier Godiva.

The coffee is 100 percent Arabica beans that is roasted, ground and immediately packaged and sealed. Godiva says “we carefully select the finest coffee beans in the world for exceptional quality and taste.”

The chocolates — which, as everyone knows, goes perfectly with coffee — include double dark chocolate swirl, salted caramel lion of Belgium and milk chocolate hazelnut heart.

Another natural go-with for the coffee lover is a great 18 piece biscotti gift basket. They’re really beautiful biscotti and they get fabulous reviews.

Buy the Godiva Gift Set here.

8. Driftaway Coffee Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Subscription – $39

driftaway coffee subscription set

Driftaway Coffee

This is the gift that will score you at least three months worth of points with the recipient. It’s a three month subscription to Driftaway Coffee’s whole bean program.

Here’s how the three month subscription works. (If it’s for you, you’re the person we’re referring to as “you.” If it’s for someone else, they’re the person we’re referring to as “you.”)

Month 1 – Driftaway sends four two-ounce bags of whole beans. You grind, you make, you taste. Let Driftaway know which bag you preferred.
Month 2 – Driftaway sends seven ounces of the beans of your choice.
Month 3 – Driftaway sends seven ounces of the beans of your choice.

After that, the subscription can easily be extended or cancelled.

When the first month’s sampler kit is sent, it includes four types of single-origin coffee beans:

  • Fruity – light roasted, typically from Africa
  • Classic – medium roasted, typically from South America
  • Balanced – light roasted, typically from Central America
  • Bold – dark roasted, from around the world

Driftaway roasts the beans at their Brooklyn location. Also note: the great packaging (labels look like old school airline bag tags) that adds to the cool factor of this gourmet coffee gift.

Buy the Driftaway Coffee Whole Bean Subscription here.

9. Chock Full o’Nuts Gourmet Roast Ground Coffee – $11.48

chock full o nuts gourmet roast ground coffee

Chock Full o’Nuts

This may be the funnest of all the products in the list. It’s a great idea, especially for a New Yorker, but any coffee lover will dig this.

Chock Full o’Nuts was born in New York in the 1920s and, as you may guess, they sold nuts. In the 1930s, they added coffee to their product lineup. CFON coffee became an institution for New Yorkers.

Once the company expanded from its home base and went national, they got a lotta questions about their coffee: does it have nuts in it? The answer is no. (See the label.)

This is a 26 ounce can of their gourmet ground roast. The company calls it an “all purpose grind…light, smooth and aromatic.”

If you are — or someone you know is — a New Yorker and you really want the authentic Chock Full ‘oNuts experience, the Original CFON might be your thing. It’s in a 26 ounce can and they call it their “signature Chock Full o’Nuts coffee.”

Buy the Chock Full o’Nuts here.

10. Doka Estate Gourmet Peaberry Whole Beans 2.2 lb. Bag – $42

doka estate gourmet peaberry coffee

Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee

Historically, coffee from Costa Rica has always been considered one of the best coffees you can get. In terms of size, Costa Rica is the 129th largest country in the world. In terms of coffee size, Costa Rica is the 13th largest coffee producer in the world.

This is a 2.2 pound bag of 100 percent Arabica beans roasted by the long time company Cafe Tres Generaciones. They’re peaberry beans, which are the smaller, more robust beans that many coffee purists insist are the best. (Peaberry beans are, typically, just the best five percent of each harvest.)

The coffee is grown on the Doka Estate at 4,500 feet elevation in Costa Rica’s central valley, near the Poas Volcano. Volcanic soil is thought to be the best foundation for growing the tastiest beans.

Buy the Doka Estate Peaberry Beans here.

11. Coffee Caddy Gourmet Food Gift Basket – $45.68

coffee caddy gourmet food gift basket

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for coffee gift sets, a gourmet basket is a great option because it’s got a lotta stuff in it for the coffee lover. This gift basket is from Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets and it comes with 11 different products:

  • Gavina French Roast Coffee
  • Gavina Hazelnut Coffee
  • Gavina Vanilla Coffee
  • Gavina Gourmet Blend Coffee
  • Café Latte Mix
  • Bali’s Best Espresso Candy
  • Torani Chocolate Biscotti
  • Butter Shortbread Cookies
  • Kettle Fresh Fudge
  • Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Mix
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The coffee, from Southern California long-time coffee roasters Gavina, is ground coffee. The basket is a black caddy gift tote that can be repurposed.

Buy the Coffee Caddy Gourmet Basket here.

12. FORTO Coffee Shots Hershey’s Chocolate Latte 6-Pack – $11.95

forto coffee shots


Without boring you too much, let me say: I’m not an energy drink guy. I am a coffee guy. I like — really like — these FORTO Coffee Shots because they taste great. They are, though, billed as an “energy boost.” And believe me: they definitely provide a kick.

FORTO sent me some of their Coffee Shots to sample, and they are delicious. I took a sip of the first one. Then another sip. And then — being a fast eater/big consumer kind of guy — I just said screw it and I downed the whole thing. This was after I’d already had my regular morning coffee. The energy aspect of these things really works, trust me.

All that said, let’s focus on the gourmet coffee aspect of these shots:

  • They’re made with organic Arabica fair trade Colombian coffee beans
  • The coffee is cold brewed
  • They’re made with Hershey’s chocolate
  • They’re made with organic milk

For me, the energy aspect doesn’t interest me. The taste aspect does. What also interests me is the vibe of the company. Take a quick look at their website and you really get the feeling that this is a good citizen type of company with employees who love what they do. I can always get behind that.

We’re focusing on the 6-Pack of Hershey’s Chocolate Lattes here, but FORTO has a lot of different products available. Some have 100mg of caffeine (the equivalent to one cup of coffee, according to FORTO) and some have 200mg of caffeine. You can get 6-Packs (or 12-Packs) in one flavor or in a variety pack.

Buy the FORTO Coffee Shots 6-Pack here.

Gourmet Coffee = Good For You

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, it isn’t the caffeine in coffee, but just the coffee itself that is associated with lower mortality rates. The study, which followed nearly half a million British people, found that “the risk of death from any cause, and particularly from cancer and cardiovascular disease, declined steadily as coffee consumption increased. Those who drank a cup a day had a 6 percent lower risk than those who drank less than that, and people who drank eight or more cups a day had a 14 percent lower risk.” — NYTimes.

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