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50 Best 6 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you’re looking for that perfect 6 year anniversary gift, these gift ideas can save you some shopping time. The traditional sixth-anniversary gift of iron may be strong like your relationship, and we’ve included some ideas that reference that super-strong material. We’ve also included gifts that feature the more modern symbol of wood, as well as some gifts that are thoughtful and memorable, too.

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What is the Symbol for 6 Years of Marriage?

The traditional 6 year anniversary gift is made of iron, which symbolizes the strength of your love and relationship.

What is the 6 Year Anniversary Gift Modern?

The more modern 6 year gift is wood, which gives you more choices and flexibilty than iron offers. You could also gift an item made with amethyst, which is the six-year anniversary gemstone. For example, the 14K Solid White Gold Diamond Genuine Pendant features amethyst and makes a meaningful anniversary gift.

What is a Great 6 Year Anniversary Gift for Him?

Consider getting your husband the Customized Whiskey Decanter Set with Wood Box. The wood box is in keeping with the traditional 6 year gift of wood, and the set's personalized design makes it a memorable gift that he can also use and show off to friends.

What is a Great 6 Year Anniversary Gift for Her?

The Modern Farmhouse Chandelier makes a fantastic gift for a wife who loves rustic charm. The chandelier features wood, so it's a modern anniversary gift. It's handmade and chic, and will look great in just about any room.