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21 Best Gifts for New Drivers: Your Ultimate List

Need the best gift for new drivers in your life? We’re here to help with tons of gift ideas for the teens in your life who just started driving, as well as the adults in your life who recently got their license. It’s a nice gesture to give someone a small gift to celebrate them getting a license, passing a driving test, or getting their first car. The right gift can keep them safe on the roads and can help them focus more on the journey ahead of them.

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Getting a driver's license is a big milestone for any person no matter the age. It is a right of passage that allows more freedom and the ability to go places they couldn't have gone before. While getting the license and a new vehicle can be a huge deal, there are also some pretty nifty gifts out there that can bring a similar smile to a new driver's face. This list has a ton of cool ideas for gifts for new drivers.

From gifts that are personal to car care packs, a new driver is a pretty easy person to shop for. Even if you can't get them a vehicle right when they get their license and even if they are stuck driving the family minivan there are some gifts that are super fun and incredibly smart.

What are the Best Safety Gifts for New Drivers?

When it comes to letting your teen get behind the wheel alone after passing their driving test you want to make sure they are completely safe. While you can't account for the other drivers on the road you can rest assured that you have got them the tools to remain safely between the lines. Even if they break down or need a jump, they will have the tools to get out of a situation without worrying about their parents or significant others.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times a portable jumper cable pack has saved me when I was broken down on the road. Turning the key and not hearing the engine turn over is one of the worst feelings on the planet. Especially if you aren't a mechanic that can pop the hood and diagnose the issue immediately. If the vehicle just needs a little juice until it can get a new battery or cables then a portable jump pack is an invaluable gift. 

A dashcam is another really cool techy gift that can not only save lives but can also save you thousands of dollars in repairs and fines if it records something important. Maybe your vehicle gets hit in a parking garage and the driver pulls a hit and run. A new dashcam is a great gift idea for new drivers and even drivers that have been on the road for decades. 

This one might be more of a gift for parents of new drivers than the actual driver itself. A GPS can keep track of where your teen is driving, where the car is and if something really bad happens, such as a vehicle gets stolen, it can help the police recover the vehicle quickly. Some vehicles have GPS trackers built-in, but if they don't, this is a really smart gift idea for any new driver getting behind the wheel.