Mediterranean Diet: 8 Rules to Live By

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The Mediterranean diet is more than just food, it’s a lifestyle. That’s probably why it gets such rave reviews from the medical community and scientific research.

Dr. Janet Brill, a professor and expert in nutrition and health, is the author of these 8 commandments of the Mediterranean diet. She’s also the author of Blood Pressure Down and Cholesterol Down.

1. Adopt Greens

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Not a day should go by without greens and other vegetables.

2. Say Yes to Fish and Legumes

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Fish and legumes like beans and lentils should be your primary protein source.

3. Take to Fruits, Especially Figs

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Not a day should by without figs and other fruits.

4. Love Plant Foods, Especially Flaxseeds

flaxseeds mediterranean diet

Not a day should go by without walnuts and flaxseeds.

5. Daily Grains

grains mediterranean diet

Not a day should go by without whole grains and cereals.

6. Say No to Meat

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Strictly limit beef, lamb, and pork.

7. Enjoy Wine in Moderation

mediterranean diet rules

Moderate alcohol consumption is recommended, especially in the form of red wine at dinner.

8. Enjoy the Right Fats, Especially Olive Oil

olive oil mediterranean diet

No more butter and cream- olive oil should be your fat of choice.

Bonus: Dark chocolate once in awhile!