Rihanna’s Quick and Killer Upper Body Workout


Rihanna is famous for her risque and bodycon fashion choices, but her figure is her best accessory. She is refreshingly frank and open about eating healthy and working out regularly. For a quick and killer Rihanna-style upper body workout, try the three moves in the video above. The exercises are demonstrated by Alycia Kluegl from Empower Your Body, a Health and Fitness Consulting company.

Rihanna’s Diet Plan:

Rihanna follows the 5-Factor Diet, which means she eats 5 healthy meals per day and enjoys a healthy mix of protein of carbohydrates.

Rihanna’s Backstage Upper Body Workout:

These are three exercises that Rihanna is famous for doing backstage.

1. Push-Ups on Medicine Ball

Works your core, triceps, and chest.

2. Full Body Core Crunch

Works your core, back, abs, hips, and glutes.

3. Wide Arm Push-Ups with Medicine Ball on Alternating Arms

Works your chest, arms, and core.

Do as many repetitions as you can!