Hollywood Diet Plans that Work: 5-Factor Diet

Rihanna edited

Celebrities and everyday folks¬†like the 5-Factor diet for its weight loss results and also for the way it can boost energy and improve mood. Designed by fitness guru Harley Pasternak, it’s also a healthy diet that allows for personal taste and does not require you to cut calories or order pre-made food.

The 5-Factor Diet uses FIVE for both meals and exercise:

5 Meals Per Day
5 Step Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less
5 Food Groups in Every Meal (protein, lower glycemic index carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and a sugar-free beverage)
5 Exercise Days Per Week
5 Cheat Days Every 5 Weeks (ideally once per week)

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Celebrities That Love the 5-Factor Diet

Megan Fox on the 5-Factor Diet


Megan Fox turned to the 5-Factor Diet after she said she became too skinny following a raw vegan diet. She credits the 5-Factor Diet and 5-Factor Workout with keeping her body healthy but still curvy. It’s also how she lost her baby weight after giving birth.

Katy Perry on the 5-Factor Diet


On stage, Katy Perry shows it off in her famous bodysuits and form-fitting costume changes, and she follows the 5-Factor Diet to look great.

Halle Berry Uses the 5-Factor Diet

Halle Berry Cougar

This former model has one of the most gorgeous bods in Hollywood, and she used the 5-Factor Diet to get ready for her role in the X-Men movies.

Eva Mendes on the 5-Factor Diet

Eva Mendes in chair

This screen siren loves sushi, and she’s able to enjoy it (with half the normal amount of rice) even though she follows the 5-Factor diet plan.

Rihanna on the 5-Factor Diet

Rihanna Vogue

People close to Rihanna admit that she has a naturally great figure, but she follows the 5-Factor diet to stay in stage-ready, bikini-ready shape.

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