Michael Monnig: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Monnig is the man who was treated for possible symptoms of Ebola in Frisco, Texas.

ccording to Dr. Tom Freiden of the CDC, who was speaking to NBC News, Monnig never had confirmed “symptoms” or confirmed “exposure” to Ebola.

The Monnig family have said that CDC officials told them there is “no chance” Sgt. Monnig is suffering from the deadly virus. On October 9, it was announced by Texas Presbyterian Hospital that he was no long exhibiting any Ebola-like symptoms.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Went Into Duncan’s Apartment Without Protective Gear

Duncan family quarantine Liberia Dallas

A Hazmat squad member removing items from where Duncan had been staying in Dallas. (Getty)

On the day of Thomas Eric Duncan’s diagnosis, WFAA reported that Monnig had called his wife Lisa to tell her that he was in the apartment where Duncan had been staying. She told News 8, “It was pretty scary. I was awake until he got home that night.”

On October 3, she went with her husband to be briefed by health officials about his concerns regarding Ebola. Those officials told the Monnig’s that the chances of the contracting Ebola was “remote.”

Sgt. Monnig told News 8:

That starts putting question marks in your mind. You know when you go home and then the next day you start hearing that equipment is being quarantined or asked to be bagged up, that you had on or were driving. Then your question is, ‘well, what about me?’ And so those were the questions that were raised.

2. He Was Complaining of Stomach Issues

After exhibiting symptoms, Monnig went to a clinic in Frisco, Texas. He is complaining of stomach issues, not necessarily consistent with Ebola. The clinic that he went to was evacuated and sealed off to the public.

3. He’s Married With a Son & Daughter

According to his Facebook page, Monnig is married to his wife Lisa, the couple have a daughter named Devyn and a son named Logan. It was Logan who confirmed to the media that it was his father who was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms in the above video.

Lisa Waisner Monnig Facebook

Michael Monnig pictured with his wife Lisa in July 2013. (Facebook)

They live in The Colony, Texas, close to Frisco.

4. Hazmat Teams Seized His Car

His car, an SUV, was sealed off and quarantined by a Hazmat team. According to NBC Dallas, at 12:32 p.m. Central time a 911 call came from the Care Now clinic in Frisco, Texas. The caller said that Monnig had contact with “patient zero.” “Patient zero” is a code name for Thomas Eric Duncan.

5. This Possible Diagnosis Comes Just Hours After Thomas Eric Duncan’s Death

The news of this possible diagnosis comes on the same day that Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan lost his battle with Ebola. Duncan was pronounced dead at Texas Presbyterian on October 8.

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