10 Best Easter Decorations for Your Home 2018

easter decorations


Let’s play a quick game of word association: Easter.

If you said “bunnies” and/or “eggs,” then you win! And, by now, you’ve probably added “flowers,” “Easter grass” and “baskets” to your list. Pastel colors…chicks…bunnies (oops)…eggs (ummm)…you know the Easter look. With this list, we’re pointing you in the direction of 10 really good looking, very Easter-ish decorations that will leave you content and leave your guests thinking that you’re a genius and you should switch careers and get into interior design.

There are so many options when it comes to Easter decorations for the home. Easter decorations share a similarity with Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations: some of the decor has a shelf life that can go beyond the specific holiday. That is, when you put out the pumpkins for Halloween, you can leave them up when you take down the skeletons and witches. The pumpkins have the look and feel of autumn and they segue very well right into Thanksgiving. With Easter, it’s about springtime. It’s about nicer weather, it’s about sunshine, it’s about renewal.

Easter Decorations for Your Home: How This List Works

We’re numbering the list just for clarity, not to say that one decoration is better than the other. The decorations in this list are:

* Floral
* Bunny
* Egg
* Springtime

We’ve separated the list into two parts:

* Indoor
* Outdoor

Easter Baskets and More

By the way, if you’re looking for Easter basket ideas, take a look at our list of the Top 10 Best Large Easter Baskets. Heck, besides being chock full of great goodies, they do add a certain look to any decor. Do you need baskets that aren’t pre-made Easter baskets? There are numerous basket options here. And if you do need Easter grass, look here for plenty of options.

Now take a look at our list of the 10 Best Easter Decorations for Your Home and feel renewed…and like an interior designer!

Indoor Easter Decorations

1. Gift Boutique 24 Pack Mirrored Hanging Easter Egg Ornaments

Gift Boutique 24 Pack Mirrored Hanging Easter Egg Ornaments

Gift Boutique

UPDATE: Right now, these are only available used, not new. We’re presuming that they will be re-stocked prior to Easter 2019. In the meantime, Nantucket Home offers a set of 12 “Bunnies in Baskets” hanging foam Easter egg ornaments for $18.95 — 5/23/18, tr.

Who says ornaments are only for the Christmas tree? You can hang these mirrored ornaments wherever you want! They’re from Gift Boutique, who says they’re very suitable for attaching to an outdoor wreath at the front door. We do think they may be better indoors, if nothing else than to have the opportunity to catch more light for the mirrored surface (think: disco ball). The ornament eggs are each 2.25″ tall and 1.5″ in diameter. Each one has a ribbon attached, which you can then attach to your own ribbon, string, etc. Of course, they don’t have to be hung, and would work very well in a clear vase, for example. The 24 eggs come in five different pastel colors:

* Pink
* Purple
* Green
* Blue
* Yellow

Another hanging set of Easter decorations is this 30 piece assortment of hanging eggs and bunnies. These are made of foil and paper, so they may be more suitable for just one or two uses.

Price: $19.95

Buy the Mirrored Easter Egg Ornaments here.

2. Easter Decoration Bunny Lights with Remote

impress life rabbit bunny festive string lights

Impress Life

Much like ornaments aren’t just limited to Christmas, a string of lights aren’t just a December thing, either. This 10-foot string of LED lights features 40 bunnies that light up in shades of pink, blue and white. While it may be tempting to use these as an outdoor Easter decoration, they’re really an indoor item. And very versatile: the string of lights is battery operated (three AA batteries, not included) so you can string the lights wherever you want. The wireless remote control also provides flexibility, because you can set the lights to stay on two, four, six or eight hours or you can use the six hour timer mode. However you configure it, they do shut off automatically. The lights can also be set to shine continuously or to flicker. Another option, from Sienna, is a set of 10 pastel colored easter egg lights on a white wire.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Bunny Lights with Remote here.

3. Bunny Burlap Garland

partyprops burlap bunny banner


A very simple, yet impactful, Easter decoration, this is a hanging Easter banner comprised of six burlap flags featuring identical white “reverse silhouette” bunnies on each flag. Taken altogether, the string is 8.5 feet long so it would work great hanging from a mantle or on a wall. Each flag is 5.5 inches wide and 6.3 inches long. The banners/flags are made of burlap, so — with the white bunnies — this will work with practically any decor. In the same vein, this burlap banner features each flag with a different letter, spelling out “Happy Easter.” It’s also got a bunny flag in the middle and, altogether, it’s 11 feet long.

Price: $8.98

Buy the Burlap Bunny Banner here.

4. Phantoscope Spring Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 4-Pack

Phantoscope Spring Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 4-Pack


This is a very simple way to transform an everyday throw pillow into an Easter decoration. It’s a set of four cases for a throw pillow. They’re not pillows — just the cases. If you need the pillow cushions, too, this set of four premium hypoallergenic cushions will work perfectly, and they’re easy-priced at just under $25 for the set. As for the cases, they’re made by Phantoscope and they’re a poly/cotton blend. They measure 18″ by 18″ square and they have a hidden zipper closure. Phantoscope offers nine different sets of four covers, three of them are Easter themed. One of the sets is an Easter themed set of six and it’s at just a little bit higher price point. Another set of six from a different seller, Juvale, features very colorful Easter themed pillow case covers.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Phantoscope Spring Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 4-Pack here.

5. Cosmos Fine Porcelain Bunny Candy or Candle Holder

Cosmos Fine Porcelain Bunny Candy Candle Holder


When you’re talking about Easter decorating ideas, you can’t forget the details. And this fine porcelain bunny from Cosmos is the kind of detail that really brings a festive, Easter feel to your home. The bunny is looking up at the “flower” that it’s holding and it’s in that flower that you can either put a tea light (not included) or candy or, even, a few of the mirrored eggs we’re suggesting. This is a small piece (about four inches tall) but at this price point, you can nab a few. Made of fine porcelain and ceramic and it comes packaged in a sturdy gift box. Another great option that is practical is a ceramic serving plate that’s not like anything else out there. It features a bunny on its back, with the back legs in the air. The bunny is balancing the serving platter on its feet.

Price: $15

Buy the Cosmos Porcelain Bunny Candy or Candle Holder here.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

6. Evergreen Easter Chick Burlap House Flag

evergreen Easter chick burlap house flag

Evergreen Flag

This weatherproof and fade resistant flag will proclaim your home’s love for Easter year after year. From Evergreen Flag, it’s a 28″ by 44″ burlap piece that features a reverse silhouette of a chick with a pink bow over a pastel banner and the rest of the flag is dotted with pastel colored circles. It is made of durable medium weight polyburlap. This is an Amazon’s Choice product. The flag features a sleeve that fits standard flagpoles or stands (which are sold separately). This flag stand would work perfectly.

Price: $26.95

Buy the Easter Chick Burlap House Flag here.

7. The Wreath Depot Tulip Front Door Wreath

The Wreath Depot Tulip Front Door Wreath

The Wreath Depot

You can’t miss with tulips. This very large, very full wreath is comprised of more than 240 designer quality silk tulip heads. It measures 19 inches diagonally and it’s about five inches deep. The silks are UV rated and will work very well for outdoor use — in other words, on the front door. But it doesn’t have to be limited to a door greeting. You can hang (or lean) this beautiful wreath over or on the mantle…in the living room…the t.v. room…wherever. The colors range in the red/pink/orange/yellow families. The tulips have been crafted onto a natural outdoor wreath base. Another great option is the same size wreath, same maker (The Wreath Depot) but in yellow and lavender.

Make it easy: this metal wreath hanger is super simple for hanging your wreath on the door.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Tulip Front Door Wreath here.

8. The Wreath Depot Windsor Silk Spring Door Wreath

The Wreath Depot Windsor Silk Spring Door Wreath

The Wreath Depot

As we mentioned in the intro, many Easter decorations for the home can easily be repurposed for the entire season. This Windsor Silk Spring Door Wreath is a great example of that. It’s handcrafted on a natural sturdy grapevine base and is comprised of:

* Faux purple flower blossoms
* Purple berries
* Faux lavender blooms
* Greenery
* Wispy pink silk flowers

Not only is this a great all-purpose Easter and springtime wreath, it’s huge. It measures around 24 inches in diameter and is about six inches deep. The wreath is shipped in a white storage box that can be used for storing your wreath so you can use it every season. This is an Amazon’s Choice product, and don’t forget the wreath hanger if you plan on hanging your nice new wreath on a door. If you love the hydrangeas, this white silk hydrangea and lily wreath is great.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Windsor Silk Spring Door Wreath here.

9. 4 Foot Inflatable LED Lighted Yard Bunny

4 Foot Inflatable LED Lighted Yard Bunny


If you’re looking for Easter decorating ideas that work outdoors, this is a great outdoor Easter decoration. (The seller — Bigjoys — says it’s suitable for indoor use, too.) The 4 foot Inflatable LED Lighted Yard Bunny is easy to inflate and deflate and store. The bunny’s made of durable, waterproof material and is lighted from within. Besides the big, happy smile on his bunny face, he’s holding a banner that says, appropriately, “Happy Easter!” It includes two stakes and a water bag (that you fill, seal and place in a zippered pouch to weight it down) so bunny won’t hop away in the wind. This is an Amazon’s Choice product. If you’re looking for an even bigger outdoor Easter decoration, this lighted bunny is seven feet tall.

Price: $35.99

Buy the Lighted Yard Bunny here.

10. 6 Feet of Inflatable Easter Eggs

bigjoys inflatable easter eggs


These inflatable eggs can be used either indoors or outdoors, and they will work well indoors because they’re a tidy 14 inches high each. (Please note, you may receive a lineup of eggs of varying heights but if they’re not 14 inches, they will be right around that height.) The eggs, all taken together, form a line of very colorful Easter decorations that’s six feet long. The material is durable and waterproof and they’re easy to inflate, easy to deflate and easy to store. Comes with stakes and a water bag that you fill, seal and place in a zippered pouch in the middle egg (to weight it down). If the egg motif works well for you, Fun Express offers a 8.5″ decorative centerpiece that spells out “Happy Easter” on eggs that include three hand painted bunnies in the mix.

Price: $55.99

Buy the Inflatable Easter Eggs here.

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