15 Best Christmas Tree Toppers: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

The Christmas tree topper is the finishing detail that completes any well-adorned tree. As long as people have been decorating trees, they’ve included a crown at the top. The use of angels, popular in the Victorian era, represents the angel Gabriel, while a star reminds of the Star of Bethlehem. Finials, crosses, ribbons, Santas animals are also very common. Finishes range from highly-detailed in bright colors to primitive earth tones. Many are lit from within to create a radiant piece that ties into the rest of the tree’s lights. The star can either mimic the other colors and textures on your tree or contrast them, thereby standing apart and seeming even more special. If you have many trees in your home during the Christmas season, you may wish to purchase matching toppers for all of them for a consistent theme.

We’ve collected the 15 best Christmas tree toppers to help you crown your Christmas tree with the perfect finishing touch.

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