11 Best Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are great for nibblers and full on noshers who like to keep their foods separate and distinct. These clever lunch boxes are compartmentalized so your foods don’t mix before you get to eat them. Whether you’re searching for a clever kids’ option, or you just want to control your own portions, these nifty bento boxes might just switch up the way you feel about taking food from home.

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Another side benefit of a bento lunch box is that it gives you full control over your portion sizes. That's terrific for anyone who's ever had to watch their weight, or who tends (like me) to mindlessly munch away at their desk. These clever lunch boxes minimize the risk of gorging yourself while you're not paying attention.

Bento actually means "convenient" in Japanese. That's a perfect fit for organized people who want to quickly toss together a lunch full of variety. They are also really eco-friendly, because you'll use them for months, or years, and avoid filling up our landfills with lots of waste from plastic bags.

Many of these bento boxes are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and even freezer worthy. We have taken the liberty of including a few that you'll need to hand wash because they have other redeeming factors that make them appropriate for this list. I've even included a very traditional Japanese bento box that is so darned cute, you'll want to carry your lunch in it, just because.

Wondering why is bento so popular? Because it's so much fun to create, appreciate and eat. Bento takes lunches way beyond a sandwich and chips, and can lead you to some amazing culinary adventures. Check out the amazing number of bento cookbooks that are available, or just watch this cool little video (with subtitles) for some great examples of really innovative bento lunch box ideas, that even the pickiest eater couldn't refuse.


Whether you're shopping for the best bento box for your kids heading back to school, or you're looking for a new and better way to pack your lunch for work, these nifty lunch boxes offer lots of options and could switch up how you feel about taking food from home.

Many of them will easily fit into an insulated lunch bag, just in case you don't have an office refrigerator. So let your lunchtime imagination go wild.

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