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17 Best Bed Tents for Privacy and Play

Bed tents are an awesome accessory to have around. Kids love them to play in them. They also have the ability to transport children to a whole new world for an enjoyable nap and bedtime. Teens love them because they provide much-needed privacy whether sharing a room at home or in a dorm. And they’re great for numerous shared setting occasions you’ll find yourself in as an adult.

     So browse through our list of the Best Bed Tents below. You’re sure to find something for yourself or your children that will make playtime and bedtime more enjoyable for all.

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Dream Tents

Dream Tents is a term used to describe some of the smaller bed tents on our list such as Jusdo's options we have listed. But those are really only useable during nap and bedtime situations. If you want a bed tent that your child can actually play in throughout the day. You'll likely want to go with a larger option. But if sleep time is all your child will be using it for, dream tents are perfectly fine. 

Kid's Bed Canopy

If you're shopping for a bed tent that will give your child's bed a canopy look, two options we'd recommend are the BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Bed Tent and DDASUMI Fabric Signature Indoor Heating Tent. Each is designed in a way that can give your child's bed that canopy look thanks to the versatility of its many openings. 

However, these options also provide privacy at a moment's notice. As each can be zipped up and be fully enclosed to give you or your child a completely contained sleeping area. 

Bunk Bed Canopy

Not every bed tent on our list is suitable for bunk bed use, but there are numerous ones that are. The PopFS Bed Den II is our favorite that fits this category. Though the IKEA Kura Bed Tent is flexible enough to get the job done too, albeit with a fewer amount of features. 

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