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21 Best Luxury Bedroom Items for a 5-Star Hotel Experience

If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury hotel, you probably didn’t want to leave. However, it’s possible to recreate that experience in your own home, and enjoy it every day . . . if you choose the right items. A few thoughtful additions can create the type of sumptuous bedroom that you’ll enjoy every day (and night). And if you have a small bathroom, we’ve got ideas for that as well.

These are the 21 best luxury bedroom ideas and items to replicate a 5-star hotel experience at home, along with tips from a few expert designers.

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Tips for using texture and scale

“Boutique-inspired design has been a buzzword in residential interior design for decades, and now it's in demand more than ever,” says Devin Shaffer, interior design expert at Decorilla, an interior design firm in New York City, NY. “The trick to mimicking hotel design is mastering texture and scale to the degree that it's exaggerated yet balanced.”

According to Shaffer, texture is important when creating a luxurious bedroom. “Beyond plush bedding, whether you’re including accent walls with metallic wallpaper, or high pile carpets, be daring when layering fabrics and finishes.” However, he recommends being committed to a neutral color. This is your bedroom, so you want a more serene look. “Some examples of this are layering beiges and greys that share a similar warm undertone and color family,” Shaffer explains.

It’s a sentiment shared by Leigh Spicher, director of design studios at Ashton Woods. “When designing your master bedroom to mimic a dream hotel suite, consider adding in a specialty wall treatment,” she says. “Luxury hotels always include specialty wall treatments because they are less expensive than headboards but provide twice the design impact.”

Scale is another consideration when creating a luxurious bedroom. “One of my all-time favorite ways to volumize a room is to go as high as possible with curtain and drapery rods,” Shaffer says. He explains that it immediately elevates everything in the room when draperies and window treatments soar from floor to ceiling. “Velvets and other plush fabrics provide layers of texture and also create a retreat-like setting by dampening sound.”

Bedding tips

Have you ever wondered why hotels have white sheets and towels? “A vast majority of hotels today have taken the trend one step further and added coverlets, blankets, and pillows that are also white,” says Justin Riordan, interior designer, architect, and founder of the Portland, Seattle and LA home staging company Spade and Archer Design Agency. “Hotels use white linens because they can be bleached, which makes them softer and softer over time and also keeps them sterile and clean,” he explains.  

Riordan also recommends indulging yourself in high-quality down or hypoallergenic imitation down pillows. “They last forever, can be packed firm, or fluffed to be soft,” he explains. “They might take a night or two to get used to, but in a short amount of time, your body will be thanking you for properly supporting it.”

Your mattress is also an important part of the luxury bedroom experience. “When people think about dream hotels, they want to go for comfort and luxury, so upgrade your mattress or get a mattress topper,” recommends Cristina Miguelez, remodeling specialist at Fixr.

This will help you achieve an ultra-comfortable feeling when you climb into bed. Miguelez also recommends investing in really high thread count sheets. “Yes, these really do feel better than your average sheets - super thick and luxurious,” she says. “Add a lot of throw pillows as well since you want the look of luxury, excess and comfort.”

Lighting tips

For a variety of reasons, lighting is important when you are creating a luxury space. Miguelez says it make a break your bedroom.  “Invest in both high quality black out curtains for the windows and task and accent lighting for the room.”

For example, Ashley Berdan, a New Jersey-based interior designer, notes that many hotel rooms have sconces on either side of the bed or lamps on the nightstand. “Adding these elements will bring ambiance to the room, and allow you to turn off overhead lighting when it's time to turn down the sheets and relax,” she says.

And there’s another way that lighting plays an important role in your bedroom. “You may not be opening your curtains to a new city, but the extra sunlight can make your bedroom feel warm and inviting, like you’re a guest instead of a permanent resident,” says Chelsea Allard, VP of Design at Case Charlotte. “You can achieve this look even more by surrounding yourself with neutral tones, and decorating with mostly white comforters and sheets - with added pops of color to accent, of course.”  

Artwork tips

Almost every boutique hotel has a signature color to fit its design style, and Spicher says you should as well. “Even if it makes a bold splash - interesting focal pieces for art are a perfect way to imitate dreamy hotel rooms, as most hotels have local images or abstract art.”  

Allard agrees, and recommends hanging modern artwork for an eye-catching addition. “You can also balance family and personal photos with antiques and mementos from your travels,” she says. “By incorporating a ‘wanderlust’’ theme in your master suite, you can bring your appreciation of traveling to one of your favorite places in the home.” 

Storage tips

When creating storage in your bedroom, don’t go overboard. “Provide yourself with enough storage so that nothing has to be out or stacked in your bedroom,” Riordan advises.   

Liz Jenkins, owner, consultant and lead organizer at a fresh space in Franklin TN, agrees. “Consider adding a storage chest to hold extra linens, and drawer organizers in the nightstand drawers to create compartments for the contents,” she says. Check out our best portable closets when you need more space.

Creating separation and eliminating clutter

This is the largest section of advice because it addresses what is probably the biggest problem you’ll encounter when trying to create a luxury bedroom: clutter and junk.

Everyone wants the perfect bedroom, but most of us don’t follow the rules that define it. “Your bedroom should be used for two things only: rest and you can probably guess the second activity,” Riordan says. However, he says it’s not a place for office supplies, exercise equipment, or hobby stations.

”When we add extra activities to our bedroom, it ceases to be a restful area of retreat, and instead becomes a reminder of our stresses of work, our laziness of not exercising, or the fact that we haven’t been doing our hobbies as much as we want to,” Riordan says. “Hotels have none of our lives in them – and that’s what makes them so relaxing.”  

He doesn’t recommend having a TV in your bedroom, but if you insist, he advises placing it behind a closed door when not in use. Or you could use a hidden TV frame that transforms it to artwork.

And according to Jenkins, clutter creates stress, and it negatively impacts your ability to relax and sleep. “Clearing off the nightstand and organizing the drawers is amazingly helpful in terms of creating a restful space,” she says.

Jenkins also recommends removing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your luxury bedroom. “Often bedrooms become a depository for laundry, receipts from pants pockets, phone chargers, toys, and more.” She says trays are one stylish way to create defined landing spots for keys, wallets, perfume, etc. “They keep these items from wandering all over the countertops.”

Amanda Clark, owner of Ever So Organized, agrees, and says you should be downright ruthless when deciding what’s going to be in your bedroom. “This is a place to rest and recharge your body and mind after a long day, so it certainly shouldn’t cause you more stress,” she explains. “You especially want to keep bedside tables clear of any non-essentials, since it’s often the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning.” 

When your bedroom doubles as your home office

Now that a record number of people work at home, it may be harder than ever to remove clutter from your bedroom and keep it organized. We’ve provided a list of the best home office essentials, but many of them are impractical for a bedroom/office. “If your bedroom must be multipurpose - for example, accommodating an office - then assign that activity to an area in the room, and as much as possible, cordon off the area with a room divider or curtains so you do not have to be reminded of the activity while you're trying to rest,” advises Denise B. Lee, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Clear Spaces.  To make up for the items that you have to include, she recommends ways that you can remove nonessentials to create more space. “Eliminate furniture that you don't use - like chairs you don't sit in - and you'll have less horizontal surfaces acting as clutter magnets,” she says. “Remove knick knacks from tabletops and prevent clutter from creeping in by holding the space with a vase of flowers or a tray with a drinking glass and pitcher.”

Lee also recommends reducing clothing clutter by installing hooks inside the closet for items like your bathrobe that are worn more frequently.  “It's easier and faster to hang clothing on a hook than a hanger and the result will be less clothing draped across chairs.”

Additional tips for creating a luxury bedroom

Nina Edwards Anker is an architect, interior designer, and founder at nea studio in New York. If it’s possible to do so, she recommends that you place your bedroom so it faces east. “This will help attune to circadian rhythms to waking up with the sunrise,” she says. Also, if you have a view of the sky from your bed, Anker says being able to see the sky and clouds has a calming effect.

“Do not place doors or mirrors in front of the bed, as they detract from the feeling of a sheltered retreat,” she warns.  Another tip is to include greenery. “A generous and sculptural house plant can help to improve air quality.”

Anker also recommends having a cozy reading nook - with a nightstand and a good reading light. One of these best blue accent chairs might fit the bill. “And keep an extra-soft blanket for covering during meditation or nap time throughout the day.”

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