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11 Best Half Christmas Trees for Walls & Corners

If you’re limited on space, don’t skip the tree this year–just skip half of the tree with a half Christmas tree. These trees sit flat against the wall or are even wall-mounted which greatly reduces their footprint. If you’ve got your hopes on a full tree, a pencil Christmas tree is another way to save space.

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Why Would I Get a Wall Christmas Tree?

Half Christmas trees are for folks who don't have space for a large tree but don't love the slender pencil Christmas tree shape. With a half tree, you don't have to sacrifice the traditional Christmas tree shape while still greatly reducing how much floor space the tree takes up. 

It's almost an optical illusion because it can make your room look bigger than it really is.

Half trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as tall as full-size trees and others are small enough that you can hang them on a wall like a picture so you can always find space for your tree.

Are These Any Different From a Corner Christmas Tree?

Nope, wall Christmas trees and corner Christmas trees both have flat backs. If you want to fit one of these trees in a corner, you may just have to bend some of the branches slightly to conform to the shape of your wall.

If storage space is also a concern, check out these Christmas tree storage bag options that make moving and storing your tree easier in the off-season.

Can They Work As a Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree?

Well, you can wall mount almost anything if you're a contractor, but strictly speaking, no, some of these aren't necessarily built to hang from a wall. If it comes with a stand, you can safely bet it's designed to use it.

We've been careful to point out which trees are meant to be wall-mounted in the review.