10 Best Volcano Vaporizers & Accessories: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

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When it comes to purchasing an at-home marijuana vape, Volcano Vaporizer is easily the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, there are plenty of companies that produce a weed vape similar to a Volcano….but they’re just not a Volcano.

What makes the best Volcano Vaporizers stand out? First, they’re built with solid, high-quality material. Second, you can choose between analog and digital models. Third, they’re an investment that will last you for years to come.

Next question: If they’re so darn expensive, why in the world should I consider purchasing one? They’re so much healthier for you and your lungs than smoking papers, or out of glass.

Papers contain carcinogens regardless, and with glass, you end up inhaling butane or resin. Plus, vaporizers are truly the most bang for your buck, when it comes to smoking devices. (And they taste so clean!)

So, stop wondering where to buy the best Volcano Vaporizers, and start perusing this list, so you can vape the night away.

1. Best Volcano Vaporizer Models

best volcano vaporizers


This bad boy is everything you could ever want out of a smoking experience…and more. To use a Volcano Vaporizer, you must follow a few simple steps.

First, grind your weed in a grinder. (You can use the grinder it comes with, or peruse this list of awesome grinders). From there, scoop up the freshly ground bud, plop it into the device, attach the balloon, and you’re good to go.

Choose between classic and digital models. The classic model features a dial ranging one-through-nine, to adjust the temperature. The digital model allows you to precisely set the temperature anywhere between 104-446 Fahrenheit.

You’ll also receive five pre-made balloons with the easy valve set-up, and a sheet to create your own custom-sized balloons with the solid valve one. Using a Volcano Vaporizer immediately improves your smoking game–you’ll wonder why you didn’t pull the trigger sooner.

Price: $369.99 (3 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Volcano Vaporizer Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

2. Best Volcano Vaporizer Grinder

best volcano vaporizers


If you’re going to use a grinder, you might as well use a grinder with a really freakin’ well-known name behind it. You’re already aware of the awesomeness that is the Volcano Vaporizer.

It’s not a hard to see why the Volcano Vaporizer Herb Grinder would also be a solid choice, as well. (Did I mention it’s under $10 and it works like a charm?)

As you know already, most plastic grinders are complete and utter garbage. They simply mash up your bud, and spew greens everywhere when you open them. The Volcano Vaporizer grinder definitely doesn’t do either of those.

Instead, it grinds your bud into perfectly fluffy clouds. Your marijuana vape will be able to use your weed in the most efficient way possible…and get you higher than a kite.

Price: $9.95

Buy the Official Volcano Vaporizer Herb Grinder Orange here.

3. Best Volcano Vaporizer Bags

best volcano vaporizers


Aside from the Volcano Vaporizer itself, balloons are the next most important thing. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to capture all that sweet, sweet, green vapor.

Balloons do the super important job of keeping all of your vapor contained in one place. Once the vapor is in the balloon, it won’t escape until you actually puff on it. Although, you might think there’s a hole, given how fast you’ll be sucking it down.

You can always purchase Volcano Vaporizer off-brand balloons, but the best choice is to purchase directly from the source. For sure, you know they’re compatible with your marijuana vape. Plus, the name is very telling of the quality.

You’ll receive six bags, each with two-feet of material. Please note, these are specifically for the easy valve Volcano Vaporizer models. (Solid Valve OEM balloons can be purchased here.) These bags are exactly what you need to puff away on that strong vape.

Price: $59.99

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Replacement Set (6 Bags) here.

4. Best Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve Replacement

best volcano vaporizers


A Volcano Vaporizer is comprised of a few different parts: The vape itself, and the valve kit. Above, I specifically covered the balloon bags. However, it’s important to note, they’re actually a part of a larger valve system.

The balloon simply holds the vaporized weed, while the solid valve attaches to the machine and mouthpiece. So in total you have a valve filling chamber (balloon), solid valve, and solid valve mouthpiece.

ThisVolcano Solid Valve Filling Chamber is a must, if you’re looking to freshen up your set-up. It comes with a replacement solid valve and all necessary screens, in addition to a filling chamber insert plunger.

Switching out the chamber is easy You won’t be disappointed with this replacement kit for one-second. Pull out the old filling chamber, pop in the new one, and you’ll be vaping away in no time.

Price: $68.91

Buy the Volcano Solid Valve Filling Chamber here.

5. Best Volcano Vaporizer Case

best volcano vaporizers


Ok, so a Volcano Vaporizer is clearly meant for use at-home. But, there are times when you just can’t avoid traveling with it. Perhaps you’re taking a road trip, or bringing it to cheer up a homie post-breakup.

Whatever the reason, there are times you need to bring it with you. And let’s be honest, there aren’t many vape cases out there large enough to accommodate a Volcano Vaporizer.

Luckily, VapeCase recognized this massive gap in the market, and produces the Kush Series Volcano Case. It’s constructed with a Volcano Vaporizer in mind, and conveniently fits all of the parts–not just the device.

There are multiple side pockets for storing extra goodies like stash jars, edibles, grinders, and lighters. Constructed with travel in mind, so it’s as compact as possible. If you ever travel, you want to make sure you snag the Kush Series Volcano Case.

Price: $59.99

Buy the VapeCase Kush Series Volcano Black here.

6. Best Volcano Vaporizer Filling Accessory

best volcano vaporizers

Storz & Bickel

Vaporizers are downright amazing. But, there’s always a downside to every device. Most notably, of course, is having to refill your vape.

If you puff on the last bit of herb and need to switch out the chamber mid-sesh, there’s a good chance you’ll burn your fingers in the process. But, the geniuses at Storz & Bickel created a solution: The Filling Set.

Essentially, you pre-fill a ton of capsules ahead of time, and bring them with you on-the-go. Whenever you need new bud, simply pop out the used stuff, and replace it with a fresh one.

In this set you’ll receive:

  • A filling device
  • A spatula
  • A plunger
  • A Volcano Vaporizer grinder (the one from above!)
  • An eight-dose magazine
  • 40 dosing capsules
  • A scale.

    You’re set up for success with this bad boy, and you’ll be vaping away without interruption.

    Price: $57

    Buy the Storz & Bickel Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules here.

    7. Best Volcano Vaporizer Bubbler

    best volcano vaporizers


    Vaporizers are incredible for many reasons. Your lungs and health, for one are a big plus. They’re also extremely efficient for conserving your stash. (Head here for more benefits of a vaporizer). And, they extract a much higher level of cannabinoids than torching a bong….but torching a bong is just so satisfying.

    If you’ve been missing the bubbling goodness of a bong, but want to save your lungs, look no further than the Volcano Bubbler Accessory.

    This bad boy transforms your Volcano into a vaporizer with a bubbler. Thanks to its construction, it reduces temperature, increases humidity, and skyrockets in efficiency.

    And even though vaporizers are well-known for softer hits to the throat, this device further reduces any potential harsh inhales. It’s made with high-quality borosilicate glass, so you know you’re receiving quality. Get the glass experience with a Volcano Vaporizer.

    Price: $64.94

    Buy the Volcano Bubbler Accessory here.

    8. Best Volcano Vaporizer Screens

    best volcano vaporizers


    Volcanos may appear relatively simple. But, they’re chock-full of parts you might not have known about. Of course, this doesn’t just refer to the electronic innards. Rather, there are parts you need to switch out every-so-often, like mesh screens.

    Mesh screens hold the bud in-place, as air moves through the heating chamber. It prevents the unit from pooping green pieces into the device. Over time, these mesh screens become clogged. You could clean them….or just buy a ton of replacements.

    For the price, the latter option is ideal. These mesh screens measure about 1.25-inches, making them the perfect fit for your vaporizer. There are five in total. Simply change out the screen whenever your hits starts tasting icky, or it’s hard to pull.

    Price: $8.95

    Buy the Steel Pipe Screen Filters here.

    9. Best Volcano Vaporizer Replacement Switches

    best volcano vaporizers


    When you purchase a Volcano Vaporizer (or really any expensive vaporizer model), you’re in it for the long-haul. There’s never an intention to purchase a desktop vape, only to toss it to the curb six-months down the road.

    Over time, though, parts begin to wear out, and eventually stop working. Often, one of the first pieces to go is the on/off switch.

    If your unit is starting to show signs of wear, consider replacing parts on your own. This Red and Green Volcano Digit Replacement Switch has everything you need. Don’t worry about finding the correct-sized screwdriver–it comes with the switches.

    There are also three replacement screws, as well. Switch out the old parts, and your Volcano will feel brand new.

    Price: $26.59

    Buy the Red and Green Volcano Digit Replacement Switches here.

    10. Best Volcano Vaporizer for Portable Use

    best volcano vaporizer


    Ok, ok, I know this bad boy technically isn’t of the best Volcano Vaporizers. And not because it’s not amazing, but rather, it’s not the same in name.

    Instead, this baby is manufactured by the same company as the Volcano–they’re called Storz & Bickel. Like many people, they saw how hard it is to vape on-the-go with a Volcano. Thus, the Crafty was born.

    Its size is far more conducive to vaping when you’re out and about. It measures 4.3″ x 2.2″ x 1.3″, making it a fairly large vaporizer. With that size, though, comes tons of power. Thanks to convection heating, you’ll intake the smoothest, most-efficient hits.

    Aside from the unit itself, you’ll also receive a USB charger, filling aid, grinder, cleaning brush, liquid pad, three extra screens, a set of sealing rings, and an instruction manual. Vape like it’s a Volcano from anywhere.

    Price: $339

    Buy the Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer here.

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