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7 Best Grow Tents for Growing Weed

best grow tent

In 2018 it is easier than ever to grow great weed at home. All of the equipment you need to grow your own buds is available online, including grow tents to provide a stable environment for your plants. Grow tents allow you to regulate the environment your cannabis grows in, from temperature and lighting schedules to nutrients, humidity and watering schedules. In this article I have chosen the best grow tent brands available in 2018,with my personal favorite brand in the #1 spot below. This list includes tents ranging in size from narrow enough to fit in a closet, to extra large tents for professional growers.

What Are the Best Grow Tents Available Right Now?

apollo grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six sizes available
  • Very thick and well insulated material
  • 90 day warranty
Price: $100.83 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
greenarchitecture grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two year warranty
Price: $203.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
lagarden grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Over 13 sizes available
  • Some of the largest tents on the market
  • Two-in-one tents for cloning and growing
Price: $176.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
urban farmer grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flood-proof flooring
  • Two sizes
Price: $124.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
topolite grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Seven sizes available
  • Choose plastic or metal corners
  • Extra large access doors
Price: $61.12 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
vivosun grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choose from five sizes
  • Reputable and trusted brand
  • Heavy duty metal zippers
Price: $139.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
topogrow grow tent Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Three sizes available
  • Two-in-one design
  • Durable construction
Price: $69.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Apollo Horticulture Grow Tents

    • Constructed of the thickest possible material for insulation
    • Comes in discreet packaging
    • 90 day warranty
    • Heavy duty metal frame
    • No tools needed for installation
    • Some customers experienced light leaks
    • Some customers had zippers break quickly
    • Some zippers do not have stoppers on them

    Apollo Horticulture is an industry leading brand in all things hydroponics, and my personal favorite brand for grow tents. They have a longstanding reputation and a lot of loyal customers who trust them for all of their hydro products.

    Apollo grow tents are made of thick, durable, tear proof material with a light absorbing black outer layer and a highly reflective mylar inner layer as well as a removable mylar floor. They have heavy duty zippers that are double stitched to make sure that no light escapes when they are shut.

    Apollo’s larger tents have multiple entry points on all sides, and different size openings so that you don’t let all of the heat and humidity escape when you need to take a peek in on your plants. There are circular holes on the top of the tent as well to make installing an inline fan ventilation system a breeze. The holes can be cinched to fit any size ducting, or shut if not in use.

    These indoor grow tents are super durable with strong metal poles to lock the structure securely in place. They are easy to construct and require no tools, and they come with a 90 day warranty as. The box it is shipped in is discreet as well, with no identifying marks to say what is inside.

    Apollo grow tents come in six sizes: 36″x20″x62″, 36″x36″x72″, 48″x24″x60″, 48″x48″x80″ (#1 Best Seller), 60″x60″x80″ and 96″x48″x80″.

  2. 2. GreenArchitecture Grow Tents

    • Includes a window for easy viewing of your plants
    • Double stitched seams and explosion proof zippers
    • Three different sizes to choose from
    • Relatively new manufacturer
    • The packaging is not discreet
    • Some reviewers had issues with the assembly instructions

    GreenArchitecture grow tents are incredibly well constructed and have some pretty cool features as well. Their tents are mae of high density 600D Oxford cloth lined with 98% reflective mylar for maximum light blocking, insulation, and reflection. Seams are double stitched and they use extremely durable zippers. Each tent has easy to open doors as well as observation windows. 

    GreenArchitecture tents do not require any tools to assemble, making setup a breeze even if you are a total beginner. They also come witha two year warranty. 

    The removable mylar floor makes clean-up a breeze as well. Each tent has easy he inside of each tent is completely covered with reflective mylar to increase the potency of your lights.

    GreenArchitecture grow tents come in three sizes: 48″x24″x60″60″x60’x80″ or 94″x80″x80″ , 

  3. 3. LAGarden Grow Tents

    • 2-in-1 tents allow for cloning and growing full sized plants in the same space
    • Includes multiple entry points as well as clear plastic viewing windows
    • Sleek and attractive all black outer layer
    • More expensive than other options
    • Some reviewers found these tents hard to assemble
    • Tent material is thinner than some other brands

    LAGarden has taken grow op design to a new level with their innovative indoor grow tents. At first glance, you will notice that these tents are pure black on the outside, much more sleek and stylish than other brands. They are constricted of an outer layer of 210D lightproof oxford cloth and an inner layer of highly reflective diamond mylar, which is waterproof as well as insulating.

    The frame inside is made of sturdy metal rods painted white to prevent rusting as well as to reflect light. These tents are extremely sturdy and well built, and they come with hanging straps to assist in the installation of your lighting and ventilation systems.

    They have multiple access points all around the tent including large doors, small doors and clear plastic windows for easy and quick viewing of your plants. Overall, these tents have all of the features you need for a high quality cannabis grow op.

    The truly unique feature that LAGarden offers is their 2-in-1 tent design. These tents have two sections that can either be used as separate growing environments, or you can remove the barrier and convert them into one single grow tent. The smaller section, which is a two-tier 12″ grow area, is perfect for propagating clones or seedlings. You can set up an entirely separate lighting system, raise your clones in the small tent, and move them to the big tent when they are ready. You will not find this feature anywhere else.

    LAGarden has a massive selection of sizes to choose from. They have 13 tents total, ranging in size from 24″x24″x55″ all the way up to 120″x120″x78″, which is possibly the largest grow tent on the market today. 

  4. 4. Urban Farmer Grow Tents

    • Multiple doors for easy access
    • Multiple vents and in-line fan holes
    • Rugged construction with flood proof flooring
    • Some reviewers found the tent to be flimsy
    • Some reviewers had problems with missing pieces
    • The zipper tends to get sticky with repeated use

    Urban Farmer is a mid range grow tent brand that sells a good quality product for a reasonable price. Their grow tents have many of the same features that you would expect from high end brands, including an all metal inner frame, ducting vents that cinch shut when not in use, large D-shaped doors as well as smaller easy access doors on the side, a reflective interior with a light-blocking black exterior, and small openings at the bottom to accomodate things like water hoses and electrical cords.

    Their tents have an effective enclosed design, with thick panels, velcro fasteners and durable zippers. This helps to keep the environment inside of the tent stable and controllable, as well as keeps unwanted pests and bugs out. The mylar lining on the inside of the tent acts as a reflector for your lights, allowing greater coverage around your plants. It also insulates the temperature and helps to keep odors in.

    These tents also include flood-proof flooring, which consists of a waterproof mylar panel that attaches to the bottom of the tent.

    Urban Farmer tents come in two sizes, 48″x24″60″ or 57″x57″x78″

  5. 5. TopoLite Grow Tents

    • Has a green see through window to check on plants without disturbing their light quality
    • Uses ultra reflective diamond mylar inside
    • Double stitching and the option for durable metal corners
    • Made in China
    • Some reviewers found the material flimsy
    • Not as rugged construction as other tents

    TopoLite hydroponic grow tents come from a company that has a lot of valuable experience in the hydroponics industry. TopoLite sells tents as well as ballasts, grow light hoods, carbon filters and various other hydroponics accessories. They understand how all of these factors must come together to produce great results and high yields. This is shown in their grow tent design, which makes setting up and growing a crop of cannabis easy and convenient from start to finish.

    TopoLite tents come with a tent made of durable 600D canvas with ultra reflective diamond mylar on the inside. The durable double nylon stitching around the hems offers superior protection against light leaks. Their frames are extra strong and can handle even the heaviest ballasts and ventilation systems.

    There is also a Green Window that filters out white light/keep a continual environment for growing while also making checking on your plants super easy.

    TopoLite grow tents come in seven sizes: 24″x24″x48″, 32″x32″X63″, 36″x20″x63″, 36″x36″x72″, 48″x24″x60″, 48″x24″x72″, 48″x48″x80″, and 60″x60″x80″.

    Each of these sizes also come with the option of either metal or plastic corners. Plastic is less expensive, but metal is much more durable in the long term.

  6. 6. VivoSun Grow Tents

    • Made of extra strong canvas material
    • Includes clear plastic viewing window
    • Two year warranty
    • Heavy duty metal frame with hanging bars for heavy equipment
    • More expensive than some other options
    • Some reviewers had issues with the seams
    • Some reviewers had parts missing upon arrival

    VivoSun Horticulture grow tents are extremely high quality, durable tents that will last you for years. They have all of the standard features that are expected in a great grow tent, plus some extras that make them even stronger and more convenient during your grow.

    Vivosun tents are made of a extra thick and durable 600D plastic, which is tear proof and double stitched for effective light blocking. The frame is constructed of strong steel tubing and there are hanging bars across the top for your lights, ballasts, fans, etc.

    VivoSun prides themselves on having the best, longest lasting zippers on the market. they are made of heavy duty metal and are located on all of the doors, including easy access D-shaped doors for quick peeks into the tent.

    Their tents also have clear plastic windows for when you only need to look on your plants and check on them, to prevent disrupting the internal environment of the tent. These tents are easy to install and require no tools to put together. They come with a two year warranty as well, which according to VivoSun is “ironclad and truly hassle free.”

    VivoSun tents come in five sizes to fit any grower’s needs. The sizes are: 36″x36″x72″, 48″x24″x60″, 48″x48″x80″, 60″x60″x80” and 96″x48″x80″.

  7. 7. TopoGrow Grow Tents

    • Two-in-one design for growing mature plants and seedlingsor clones at the same time
    • Durable 300D cloth and reflective mylar sheeting
    • Choose from three sizes
    • No warranty
    • Does not come in larger sizes
    • Multiple lights required if you want to separate out the shelved area
    TopoGrow grow tents have a unique design that allows you to propagate seedlings or clones at the same time that you are growing mature plants. This design allows you to streamline your grow operation and lets you decrease the time between harvests signficantly. The tent is divided into two chambers, the larger chamber for your mature plants and the smaller chamber has a twi tier shelf for multiple seedlings or clones. 
    Each tent is made of high quality 300D canvas wih reflective mylar sheeting on the inside. The frame is made of durable and strong metal. Each tent also comes with a flood-proof floor tray. 
    • TopoGrow two-in-one tents come in three sizes: 36″X24″X53″, 48″X36″X72″ or 60″X48″X80″

If you have a large house or space to grow indoors, you might be able to dedicate an entire room to your grow op. You can customize the lighting (see the best LED grow lights here) and size of your garden based on how much space you have in the room or closet. 

If you are going to have an entire room or closet dedicated to growing cannabis, you might want to invest in some reflective sheeting, which acts as an insulating layer and also increases the efficiency of your lighting by reflecting it back at the plants from multiple angles when you line the walls with it.

Why Use a Grow Tent? If you live in a small space without much room to spare, or if you are a renter, a grow tent is a great option for growing weed. As you can see in the options above, they come in a variety of sizes and are fully customizable in terms of heat, light and humidity levels.

Best of all, you can pack them up and take them with you if you move to a new place. If you want to go extra stealth, you can opt for a grow cabinet.  They are less spacious but can be more easily camouflaged as a regular piece of furniture.

Grow tents are made of a durable, lightproof material that does not allow any outside light in or inside light out. This also helps to keep the temperature inside your garden at a nice warm temperature, and keeps humidity in. They often have special cut-outs where you can install in-line fans.

Grow tents are made in sizes especially to hold grow trays, so you can choose your grow tent size easily based on how many plants you want to grow, and how many trays you will need to fit that number of plants.

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