Best Delta 8 Brands: 4 Delta 8 Products for Total Mental Stimulation

best delta 8 products

Delta 8 products are becoming increasingly popular for their potential to boost mental and physical wellness. Many people claim that this cannabinoid promotes a calm, focused feeling, while others report Delta 8 products reduce inflammation and pain. Others use Delta 8 products to stimulate appetite or to minimize anxious feelings. 

Emerging research studies suggest that Delta 8 has potential therapeutic properties. The best Delta 8 products for total mental stimulation can help a consumer get into a “mindset”, “zone” or “flow” that helps them hit their stride. 

We compiled a list of the best Delta 8 brand winners to help you learn about some products that might work for you.    

List of Best Delta 8 Product Winners

  1. Best Overall Delta 8 Product: PAX High Purity Delta-8 THC Pods
  2. Best Delta 8 Gummies: TRĒHouse Gummies with HHC and THC-P
  3. Best Tasting:  Koi Delta 8 THC Gummies
  4. Most Potent Delta 8 Softgel: Redeem Therapeutics Delta 8 Softgels

Benefits of Delta 8

Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, but it is less potent than tetrahydrocannabinol-9 (commonly referred to as THC or THC 9). Delta 8 provides a milder and more clear-headed euphoria than Delta-9-THC. Many report that it does not cause the significant paranoia that accompanies Delta 9.

Cannabis prohibition has limited research efforts, but changing legislation is leading to fewer restrictions on cannabis studies. As a result, an increasing number of studies have indicated Delta 8’s therapeutic potential. Studies have found that many Delta-8 product users report that the compound provides relaxation, mood enhancement, and pain relief. Some studies are focusing on how Delta 8 affects cognitive functioning. These research efforts will shed light on anecdotal claims that Delta 8 enhances concentration, memory, and anxiety reduction.

The following section provides an overview of 2023’s best Delta 8 brand winners for total mental stimulation. They represent some of the highest quality and innovative brands that adhere to current good manufacturing standards and value customer service.

Best Delta Brands in 2023

Best Overall Delta 8 Product: PAX High Purity Delta-8 THC Pods

PAX high purity delta 8

PAX’s High Purity Delta-8 THC Pods feature concentrate made using precision extraction technology that features clean and pure terpene flavor. These 1 gram ERA pods are available in 6 strains and contain 88% active cannabinoids. PAX ERA vape pens feature “heat not burn” technology, which means you will never burn your oil and preserve your cannabinoids and terps. You can choose from indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. (You can read our PAX Plus review here).


  • Various flavorful strains 
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Heat-not-burn compatible technology


  • Delta Type: Delta 8
  • Size: 1 gram
  • Strength: 88% cannabinoids 
  • Strains: Forbidden Fruitz, Strawberry Fields, Super Limoncello, Guava Jelly, Blueberry Gelato, Chemdog

What Customers Say

Customers love the full, smooth experience the PAX offers. They like that the Pods are available in various strains. Those who use Delta 8 for stress management claim that the PAX High Purity Delta-8 THC Pods produce a delightful sense of calm, and customers report that they help them focus on mental tasks they otherwise find challenging due to anxiety and stress.  

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Best Delta 8 Gummies: TRĒHouse Gummies with HHC and THC-P

trehouse delta 8 gummies

TRĒHouse Gummies with HHC and THC-P are packed with beneficial cannabinoids that promote relaxation and mood elevation. These gummies offer the perfect balance of body and mind effects. 



  • Potent 
  • Delicious 
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Delta Type: 8 with HHC and THC-P
  • Size: 20 gummies per bottle
  • Strength: 20mg of Delta 8, 10 mg of HHC, 3 mg full-spectrum CBD, and 2 mg of THC-P per serving 
  • Flavor: mango 

What Customers Say

Customers rave about the delicious mango flavor, and they love the energetic and euphoric effects of the dummies. Many customers report they take a gummy before mentally demanding tasks such as studying. Some customers claim that the HHC and THC-P promote deeper relaxation and mental clarity than products containing only Delta 8 and no other supplementary cannabinoids. 

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Best Tasting: Koi Delta 8 THC Gummies

Koi Delta 8

Koi CBD gummies are perfect for getting an uplifting mood boost whenever you need it. They are available in seven delicious flavors and either a 20 (500mg) or 60-count bottle (1,500mg). 


  • Potent  
  • Various flavors 
  • Available in 2 different counts (20 and 60)  


  • Delta Type: 8
  • Size: 20 count and 60 count 
  • Strength: 25 mg of Delta 8 per gummy 
  • Flavor: Blue Razz, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Lime, Sour Cherry, and Mango 

What Customers Say

Customers report that these gummies are highly effective at promoting relaxation and sleep. Many customers claim they calm the mind. They appreciate that there are several choices of count, flavor, and order options. 

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Most Potent Delta 8 Softgel: Redeem Therapeutics Delta 8 Softgels

redeem soft gels delta 8

Redeem Therapeutics Delta 8 Softgels are perfect for de-stressing and relaxing after a long day. These Redeem Therapeutic Delta 8 Softgels contain fractionated coconut oil (MCT), gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and purified water and are a convenient option for those who want an alternative to edibles and tinctures. 


  • cGMP certified 
  • 30% off for subscription orders
  • Non-GMO


  • Delta Type: Delta 8 
  • Size: 30-count bottle 
  • Strength: 15 mg
  • Flavor: Natural 

What Customers Say

Customers report that Softgels are an excellent mood enhancer. They also like how it makes them more relaxed and able to fall asleep more quickly. 

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How We Picked the Best Delta Brands

Production Process

Delta 8 product manufacturing is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and extensive safety precautions. The process can involve the use of potentially hazardous chemicals. Proper training of extraction staff and compliance with legal regulations are critical to producing safe, clean, high-quality Delta 8 products. 

The Delta 8 production usually involves converting another cannabinoid into Delta 8 THC through a chemical process. Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) or Delta 9 THC are often used for processing Delta 8. Some common methods for Delta 8 production include isomerization, conversion, extraction, and synthetic production: 

  • Isomerization of CBD involves taking CBD isolate or CBD-rich hemp extract and creating a chemical reaction that rearranges the molecular structure. This process involves solvents, acids, and heat. After this conversion, the next step is extract purification and lab testing for purity and potency.
  • Conversion methods using chemical reactions are also used to change Delta 9 THC into Delta 8 THC. It also involves the use of solvents and acids like those used in the CBD conversion process. Another method involves exposing Delta 9 THC to ultraviolet (UV) light, heat, or oxidative conditions.
  • Synthetic production makes some Delta 8 products from precursor compounds rather than being extracted or converted from natural sources. Synthetic production may have greater regulatory and safety considerations than other methods.


Customer reviews are an extremely helpful resource to identify high-quality products that will address your specific needs. Read customer reviews to find out which products might be best for you. Reviews from other users can provide insights into the effects and quality of products. If you are looking for a specific effect, such as anxiety reduction or mental clarity, use specific search terms to refine your search for relevant reviews.


The quality and purity of Delta 8 THC products can vary, so purchase products from reputable sources and confirm their status as a responsible manufacturer. Look for companies that are transparent about their sourcing, production, and testing processes. 

Make sure the company uses clean raw products and third-party lab testing to verify product contents. The winners included in this list offer extensive product information including the Certificate of Analysis (COA) reports on their websites. Testing screens for metal contaminants, pesticides, and other pollutants.   

Quality Ingredients

Choose products from well-known and reputable brands that value organic, non-GMO, and other certifications and standards of ingredient quality. Check the company’s website to find out about its origins, mission, and production practices. Companies with high-quality products often have extensive customer support services, so reach out to a representative to discuss any product questions or concerns you might have. Ask about solvents used in the extraction practice, and how and where they source ingredients. This information will help you decide on the best Delta 8 products and brands that meet your needs.  

What to Look For When Buying Delta Products 

New Delta 8 products appear on the market frequently, so stay updated with the latest information and product reviews. Review your state government’s website for any updates about restrictions.  

The most critical factor when buying Delta products is to ensure that you are purchasing a safe, high-quality tincture, vape, or edible. Identify several reputable local or online manufacturers. Check if they provide electronic Certificate of Analysis reports and which professional certifications they hold. For example, credentials such as current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), non-GMO, organic, and Kosher indicate that the company follows strict guidelines. 

Make sure you choose the right product type for your needs. Some common Delta 8 products include gummies, vape cartridges, and tinctures, but emerging product development innovations indicate growth in Delta-infused beverages and topical creams. 


Delta 8 products vary in potency. Delta 8 edibles range from 10 mg to 40 mg. If you are new to Delta 8, you may want to start with a less potent edible about 10mg, and only take part of a gummy. Many of the gummies we reviewed contained 20-25% mg of Delta 8. 

What It Helps

Delta 8 is used for many reasons including anxiety reduction and mental focus. Emerging research indicates that Delta 8 products have the potential to minimize inflammation and lessen pain. 


Delta 8 products come in several forms. Some of the commonly available legal Delta 8 products include edibles, tinctures, and vape carts. Topical creams containing small amounts of Delta 8 are gaining in popularity since some emerging studies indicate that Delta 8 has anti-inflammatory properties. 


Delta 8 products come in many flavors such as natural, berry, and mint. Many tinctures tend to come in natural flavors, but a growing number of manufacturers produce made-to-order flavored choices.  


Prices range for Delta products depending on the type of manufacturing, packaging, and amount. Higher-quality Delta products usually cost more. They contain better quality or organic ingredients. 

The product form and quantity also vary. Depending on the retailer, you can buy a small serving of gummies to try, and this may cost under $10 USD. Affordable samples or starter packs may help you decide if you want to purchase a larger container of the same gummy. A 30-count bottle can cost roughly $30-50 USD depending on the brand and ingredients. 

Delta 8 vape carts and disposable pens can vary greatly depending on the size and quality.  A 1-gram vape cart usually costs between $25 and 35 USD, but premium products can cost over $60 USD. 

Tincture prices also differ depending on the size, extraction methods, and ingredients. An average price for a 30 ml tincture bottle is roughly $30-40, but the best Delta 8 tincture brands run about $50 USD or more. 

Delta 8 Vs. Delta 9

Delta-8 and Delta-9 refer to two different forms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. Delta 8 and Delta 9 share a similar chemical structure. Delta-9 THC has a double bond at the 9th carbon atom in its molecular structure (this is why it is known as Delta-9). Delta-8 THC has a double bond at the 8th carbon atom in its molecular structure. They both cause a psychoactive effect, but Delta 8’s effects are more subtle and mild. Individual responses to these compounds can vary, so caution and moderation are advisable when using any cannabinoid products. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you have questions about the potential health effects of Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC.

The legal status of these two cannabinoids varies from state to state, so make sure to look up sales and consumption regulations about your home state or states you plan to visit. The legal status of Delta-8 THC is complicated and varies widely by jurisdiction. Some areas consider it a legal alternative to Delta-9 THC, while others have explicitly banned it. Regulations can change frequently, so stay on top of laws and regulations regarding Delta-8 THC.


Is Delta Legal?

Delta is technically legal in many states and jurisdictions, but cannabis legislation is complicated and ever-changing. Many users rely on Delta 8 products instead of accessing illegal Delta 9 products, so it is important to check the legal status and availability of delta-8-THC products. Before purchasing or using any delta-8-THC products, make sure to check your local laws and regulations. Even states where Delta 8 is legal may experience efforts to ban its sales and use. Many anticipate greater attention to the federal status of Delta 8 as more states legalize cannabis and pressure to end federal cannabis prohibition increases.     

Will Delta Make Me High?

Delta causes a mild pleasant feeling, but it does not usually produce an overwhelming psychoactive effect. Many users claim that it helps with focus, sleep, and anxiety reduction without the intense psychoactive effects that usually accompany Delta 9.  

Can I Take Delta 8 and Delta 9 Together?

Many people take Delta 8 and Delta 9 together, but you should consider your height, weight, level of rest and food consumption, and general health. It is usually safe for people to take these two compounds together, but you should consider your health condition. Avoid overconsumption or taking Delta 8 and Delta with other substances. Delta 9 is more potent than Delta 8, so you may want to start with smaller amounts if you plan to combine them.

Are There Side Effects of Delta Products?

Delta 8 products should be consumed in moderation, so always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding serving size and frequency. This is especially important when using edibles which may take some time after ingestion before the full effects are noticeable. Some adverse side effects of Delta products can include hallucinations, vomiting, tremors, anxiety, dizziness, confusion, and loss of consciousness, so make sure you are not overdoing it. 

Final Thoughts on Delta 8 Brands

It is important to research the best Delta 8 brands to decide which products might work best for you. Try out different Delta 8 gummies, tinctures, flower, and vape carts over time to determine which products would work best for your needs. Make sure you research the legal status of Delta 8 in your state and buy products from manufacturers that follow best practices in processing and lab testing.

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