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7 Best HHC Gummies: Your Buyer’s Guide

HHC gummies are popular because they can be ordered online, unlike most THC gummies. HHC is a molecule that mimics the effects of THC, so it’s sometimes called “THC Lite.” Read on to discover the best HHC gummies available now.

Please Note: There are questions about the safety of HHC. If cannabis is legal in your state, you might just want to learn about cooking with marijuana. (Or just buy normal THC edibles.)

But if you prefer to use semi-synthetic cannabinoids, we’ve rounded up the best options for you below.

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Can HHC Gummies Get You High?

Most HHC brands and consumers say that HHC produces a pleasant, euphoric high. Many manufacturers emphasize that HHC is *not* CBD: HHC is psychoactive, and the effects can be felt, similar to eating a THC edible.

Fans of HHC say you can experience a THC-like high, without the sluggishness that can sometimes accompany an actual THC high. They say HHC is an uplifting cannabinoid.

HHC is probably not as strong as THC. However, because HHC is new to the mass market, there's not much evidence. There are no studies on the potency of HHC. As with THC, or any psychoactive drug, it's probably best to err on the side of caution. In the words of Colorado's public safety campaign about THC edibles, it's smart to "Start Low and Go Slow."

Is HHC Legal?

HHC is probably legal. Maybe. Possibly. And for now, tons of companies (and their customers) are betting it is legal. Or at least, not illegal enough to warrant serious consequences.

HHC is considered legal because it's derived from hemp plants, not marijuana plants.

Hemp became legal a few years ago, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill removed hemp (and other cannabis-family plants with extremely low concentrations of THC) from the Controlled Substances Act.

To qualify as hemp, rather than marijuana, the plant must exhibit concentrations of THC at .3 percent or less. That's when nationwide CBD sales exploded. As long as a CBD product contains THC at or below .3 percent, it can be sold in all 50 states.

Now, some pioneering companies have taken things a step further. By hydrogenating hemp-derived THC molecules, thereby turning them into HHC, they're betting that because they're derived from hemp (and they're not technically THC), these products are legal.

Will HHC products remain legal for the foreseeable future? That remains to be seen.

Are HHC gummies good for anxiety?

Most HHC fans report feeling a mood boost that is mildly euphoric. However, because HHC is so new, the data is limited. All HHC effects, so far, are purely anecdotal.

But some people do believe that these gummies help alleviate their anxiety.

Studies have shown that CBD can help with anxiety. But HHC is not the same thing as CBD. The only way to find out if HHC helps your anxiety may be to try it out yourself.

If it doesn't work, you could also try out some great CBD oil.

Will HHC show up on a drug test?

Because these products are so new, the data is limited. There are some first-hand accounts of people taking HHC, and testing negative on their drug tests. But there's simply no way to know if this was a lucky fluke.

So if your job or career depends on passing drug tests, you probably don't want to count on HHC as a viable option.