The PHREND: Personal Filter For Discrete Smoking

We all have our vices, right? While some people prefer the smooth sip of an aged Yamazaki single malt whisky, others dabble in good ‘ole Mary Jane. The Cheeba. The Jolly Green. Whether you prefer smoking it, vaping it, or eating it, there are always ways to be discrete about it. Now, it’s even easier with the PHREND, your own personal air filter for smokers and vapers.

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phrend weed smoke filter

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The PHREND by Philter Labs is the weed accessory you need. It’s a small, handheld filtering tool that contains a biodegradable filter that is made with discrete smokers in mind. Take a hit of your joint, bong, pipe, or Puff Daddy, and then blow it into the PHREND to filter the smoke and smell. Boom, it’s that easy! No more annoying commentary from your family/friends about smelling a skunk or asking what flavor you’re vaping. This thing truly is an odor eliminator, and it helps to reduce secondhand smoke.

It’s highly portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go. Throw it in your pocket as part of your EDC and you can pull it out when you need to toke on-the-go. The PHREND is super lightweight, and it will allow you to consume without attracting attention from those around you, allowing you to do what you need to do without having secondhand vapor or smoke.

I brought it and my vape with me to a family reunion at a local park about a week ago, and it worked like a charm; no one could detect that someone was smoking anything because they couldn’t smell it!

You can also buy a two-pack of refills for $34.99, so you don’t have to just throw the device away after your 500 puffs. Right now, the PHREND is only available in light green (it would be cool to see some more color options in the future).


Philter Labs is also super dedicated to being Earth-friendly. The device is built with a plant-based polymer and is designed to decompose in less than 3 years – a staggering comparison to the nearly thousand years required for regular plastic. The packaging sleeve it comes in is also biodegradable, eco-friendly seed paper that can be planted to grow some wildflowers. So, it’s a product that’s as Phrend-ly to you as it is to those around you and Mother Earth.

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Why You Should Use a Personal Smoking Filter

While marijuana itself has therapeutic properties, the act of combustion can produce harmful byproducts. A personal smoke filter can help reduce the intake of these unwanted substances by those around you, ensuring that users get the benefits of marijuana without potentially harming the lungs of anyone around them.

Because marijuana has a distinct and recognizable odor, a weed smoke filter like the PHREND is a must for being discrete. Using a smoke filter can significantly reduce the smell, allowing users to consume without drawing attention or causing discomfort to others nearby.

As seen with products like the PHREND, some personal smoke filters are made of biodegradable materials. This means they decompose faster than regular plastic, reducing environmental impact. By choosing such eco-friendly options, users contribute to a more sustainable planet.