7 Non MMA Sports Questions With Miguel Torres

7 Non MMA Sports Questions With Miguel Torres

We caught up with former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres as he prepares for his September 30 showdown with Charlie Valencia. We didn’t talk fighting, we talked sports. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Miguel is good at mixed martial arts, because a future as a Sportscenter anchor probably isn’t calling his name.

Heavy MMA: What do you think about Lebron signing with the Miami Heat?

Miguel Torres: Who the fuck is Lebron? I don’t watch football. If he didn’t sign with the Bears, I don’t really give a shit. We’ll win the Super Bowl without him anyway.

Heavy MMA: Can you believe Phil Mickelson missed the cut at the Scottish Open?

Miguel Torres: All I know about cuts is they are not good. But, Mickelson hasn’t made a good movie since The Departed. So I’m glad he got cut.

Heavy MMA: If you were the manager of the National League All Star Team, would you have given Stephen Strasburg a spot on the roster?

Miguel Torres: Look, I already said I don’t watch football. If Strasburg isn’t from Chicago, I just don’t care.

Heavy MMA: Who would win in a wrestling match between Jon Anik and Franklin McNeil?

Miguel Torres: I’m going with the guy with the best hair. The hair is the center of where swag comes from. Since neither of them has any hair, it’s a tie. Unless they wrestle in oil, then I got McNeil because he will fight dirty.

Heavy MMA: It’s almost time for fantasy football. Who’s your pick if you get the #1 overall selection?

Miguel Torres: Another football question. C’mon man. I do know that the words “fantasy” and “football” should never be used together. But, a bunch of aspiring jocks arguing over other men…you can sign me up. I know I wouldn’t pick Ochocinco’s stank ass. From all the hype on the internet, I’d go with this King James fella.

Heavy MMA: Who do you have in the World Cup final?

Miguel Torres: Ok, finally a serious question. I was going with Mexico, but we always seem to lose our hard-on when it counts. So, I’m taking Spain because it’s the next best thing…and I speak Spanish. Oh, and it’s not called soccer, it’s called futbol!

Heavy MMA: Roger Federer fell to #3 in the ATP rankings on Monday, his lowest spot since 2003. Is it finished?

Miguel Torres: It isn’t over till it’s over. When what went up comes back down, it can get back up if it really wants to. That’s what she said.

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