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Andrei Arlovski

“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva” Live Updates

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva” is set for the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey this evening, and will be bringing you live round-by-round updates from tonight’s action.

Featured on the card, the first round of the highly-anticipated Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix begins, as mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko faces off against Antonio Silva, and former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski steps in the cage against Sergei Kharitonov.

Also on the card, three tournament reserve bouts will take place, making for a main card based solely on the explosive heavyweight division.

Join this evening at 10 p.m. ET for live round-by round updates as they happen from this evening’s Strikeforce show.

Valentijn Overeem vs. Ray Sefo

Round 1: The fighters touch glvoes to start the round, and Overeem leads with an inside leg kick. Sefo lands a leg kick of his own. Left hook comes up short for Sefo, but a right lands. Brief exchange, but nothing lands. Fighters throwing, but nothing landing. Left lands for Overeem and he looks for a takedown. He has it and is looking for a neck crank. Sefo taps out to the crank, earning a quick first round victory.

Official Decision: Overeem d. Sefo by submission at 1:37 of Round 1

Gian Villante vs. Chad Griggs

Round 1: Both fighters come out throwing, and Griggs lands a combination. Villante battles back with a combination of his own, and they separate. Griggs pushes forward with another hook, throwing vicious combos as well. Villante presses the action against the cage in order to recover from the shots.  Villante attempts to separate with an elbow, but gets nailed by Griggs again. Villante shoots, but Griggs avoid and continues to throw power punches. Head kick lands for Villante, and the referee stops the fight momentarily. They continue and Griggs lands a huge hook. He lands another that drops Villante, who gets back up. One more puts him down, followed by ground and pound. This fight is over. Incredibly exciting contest.

Official Decision: Griggs d. Villante by technical knockout at 2:49 of Round 1

Shane del Rosario vs. Lavar Johnson

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves to get this started, and Johnson lands a nice left. Del Rosario clinches and looks for the takedown. They battle in the clinch against the cage, and Johnson looks for a trip. He earns it and is looking to ground and pound. Del Rosario escapes, and Johnson lands a leg kick. Head kick thrown by del Rosario, and they clinch yet again. Left-right lands for Johnson, followed by a body kick. Del Rosario presses forward with his kicks, and they clinch yet again. They separate again. Johnson lands a hook, but he eats a punch and kick. Del Rosario earns the takedown and moves to side control. He effortlessly earns the mount, while Johnson attempts to hold on from bottom. Ground and pound lands, but Johnson avoids the majority of the damage. One minute to go. High mount for del Rosario, who is landing more effectively now. He rolls for an armbar and locks it on. Johnson rolls, but is ultimately forced to tap. Impressive performance by del Rosario.

Official Decision: Del Rosario d. Johnson by submission at 4:31 of Round 1

Andrei Arlovski vs. Sergei Kharitonov

Round 1: Left misses for Kharitonov. Kick lands for Arlovski, followed by another. Arlovski lands a one-two combination. They clinch, and Arlovski lands uppercuts. They separate. Kharitonov has Arlovski up against the cage, but is hesitant to strike, it seems. Another clinch, and Arlovski separates with a combination that misses. Jab lands for each fighter, and Kharitonov pushes forward into the clinch. Arlovski lands an uppercut, followed by a jab. Kharitonov comes forward with several big shots. Big combination lands for him. Arlovski is knocked to the floor with another right hook, and Kharitonov puts him to sleep with several more shots to his downed opponent.

Official Decision: Kharitonov d. Arlovski by knockout at 2:49 of Round 1

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1: Left misses for Silva, and Emelianenko comes back with an overhand right. He looks to be ready to launch a vicious combo at any moment. Silva counters, but Emelianenko is fine. Pause in the action, as the two measure distance and get the feel. Knee lands for Emelianenko when Silva clinches. They are up against the cage now, Silva pressing against his opponent. The referee breaks it up, and the two exchange a flurry. They each land, but a right by Silva pushed Emelianenko backwards. Silva clinches again. Emelianenko looking for the guillotine choke, and Silva looks for the takedown. Fedor uses his leverage to force Silva into bottom position. Emelianenko on top, looking for ground and pound. He is in half guard. He looks for the kimura, but Silva reverses and stands back up. The Brazilian lands another nice right hand, and they clinch once again. Silva separates and the two exchange a vicious flurry before Emelianenko is taken down. scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round 2: Silva immediately gets the takedown to begin round 2. Excellent timing. He is in half guard now and looking to ground and pound. Emelianenko is dodging the majority of shots, especially the more powerful ones. Silva moves to side control, then to north-south. He moves to mount and now to back. Back to mount, and Emelianenko is in deep trouble. Silva takes the back again and is looking for the choke. Once again the Brazilian is back in the mount. Vicious ground and pound by Silva. Emelianenko is attempting to escape, but now Silva looks for the anaconda choke. He has the choke locked in, it seems, but Emelianenko is holding on. He survives and pushes Silva back to half guard. Ridiculous survival. Silva looks exhausted from top position, and the action has slowed drastically. Under a minute to go, and Silva looks for a knee bar. Emelianenko looks for a heel hook, but Silva looks to be holding on fine. He shakes his hand, and we are on to the third! Incredible round. Before the beginning of the third round, however, the fight has been stopped due to Emelianenko’s completely closed eye. This fight is over, and Antonio Silva upsets Fedor Emelianenko by technical knockout.

Official Decision: Silva d. Emelianenko by technical knockout at 5:00 of Round 2

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