UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva Preliminary Card Live Blog

Papy Abedi vs. James Head (Josh Hedges/UFC)

Prelim coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. Eastern

The UFC visits Sweden for the first time Saturday for its second live card on the Fuel TV cable network.

UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva takes place at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, and HeavyMMA will bring you round-by-round and fight-by-fight live coverage of both the preliminary card fights and the main card. The preliminary card airs on the UFC’s Facebook fan page at 12:30 p.m. Eastern. The main card airs at 3 p.m. on Fuel TV and features a main event between Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson and Thiago Silva.

Action on the preliminary card includes several Swedish fighters, as well as several fighters making their UFC debuts. Besam Yousef, Reza Madadi, Magnus Cedenblad, Papy Abedi and, of course, main event light heavyweight Gustafsson all hail from Sweden. Yousef, Madadi, Yoislandy Izquierdo, Cedenblad and Tom DeBlass all are making their UFC debuts on the preliminary card.

Jason Young vs. Eric Wisely
Round 1: Arianny Celeste tells us it’s the first round, so that must mean we’re ready to go. Wisely quickly to the center and feints, but it’s Young who opens with an inside leg kick. Wisely comes with a body kick, then Young brings a head kick that is blocked. Couple nice shots inside from Wisely with the left, and right back out again. Young with a left that lands. Then another left after missing with a right hook. Spinning back kick from Wisely lands, but Young catches it, gets Wisely off balance and tries to take his back for a takedown. He throws knees to Wisely’s thighs as Wisely defends the takedown. But as Young is delivering multiple knees to Wisely’s legs, referee Robert Sundel breaks them up. An odd restart, given that Young was probably working on doing some damage to Wisely’s legs. As they reset, Wisely kicks, but Young catches it and gets the fight to the ground. Young works out of Wisely’s guard and looks for ground and pound. Wisely throws some elbows from the ground, and Young stands back up and throws leg kicks. Eventually, Young lets Wisely stand back up. Good switch kick from Wisely. But Young lands a good right and follows it up to get the fight to the ground again. He lands nice shots out of Wisely’s guard as the round closes. HeavyMMA scores the first round 10-9 for Young.

Round 2: Young in the center and Wisely circles on the outside. He throws a right kick and again Young catches it, gets a trip takedown and lands lands a good bomb from his feet before dropping into Wisely’s guard. Again Young looks for ground-and-pound and Wisely does his best to defend and looks for short elbows on the ground, himself. Young stands up 90 seconds into the round and Wisely looks for upkicks while Young kicks the legs. He drops back down and lands another nice bomb. Young really controlling this fight on the ground, though he’s not likely doing a ton of damage. The in-fight stats say Wisely is landing more strikes on the ground, though. With 90 seconds left, Young again goes back to his feet and the ref will let Wisely back up. Good outside leg kick from Young takes Wisely off his feet and we go right back into Young’s guard on the ground. Wisely continues to look for elbows down there, and that’s where the round will end. HeavyMMA gives it again to Young 10-9.

Round 3: Opening kick from Wisely, and he nearly takes Young’s back and lands a couple takedowns. Wisely’s corner told him he is down two rounds and to throw the kitchen sink at Young. And for the first 90 seconds, he looks like a different fighter than the first two rounds. But with 3 minutes left, Young catches another kick and gets the trip takedown. We’re right back into Young’s guard on the ground with both guys looking for elbows halfway through the final frame. Young postures up just slightly and lands three big right hands. With 1:40 left, he goes back to his feet and looks to drop back down for a big bomb that he just misses. Wisely kicking from the bottom, but it’s Young who dives back in with the big right again. And with a minute left, the ref AGAIN has an odd standup. Totally to Wisely’s benefit. He throws a few kicks, but of no consequence. Young just misses a spinning back kick. Wisely with a 1-2 combination that lands. A head kick from Wisely, though, has him slip and Young will finish the fight on top. It’s another 10-9 round for Young, and HeavyMMA has the fight for him 30-27.

Result: Jason Young def. Eric Wisely, unanimous decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Simeon Thoresen vs. Besam Yousef
Round 1: Yousef is a Swedish fighter and a heavy fan favorite, obviously. They clinch up, but Thoresen’s height helps back Yousef up. But he comes back with a nice left and a right, then another left. Thoresen shoots, but Yousef stuffs it. The reach advantage for Thoresen is a whopping eight inches. Thoresen looks for a single, but Yousef is landing about two dozen short punches before the fight finally goes to the ground. Yousef actually doing more work so far on the ground. Thoresen looks perhaps uncomfortable delivering ground-and-pound in Yousef’s guard. But he gets a few good shots off. But with 1:15 left, referee Marc Goddard stands them up. Yousef lands some good shots on the restart. Thoresen clinches and lands knees. Good elbow from Thoresen, followed by more knees. Good elbow from Yousef. Wow. It’s a very tight first round that could go either way. HeavyMMA actually will score it a rare 10-10.

Round 2: Both men start with jabs. Yousef misses a right hook. But then lands another nice left hook. Good left jab from Thoresen. Thoresen shoots, but Yousef sprawls and comes forward and lands a good leg kick. But Thoresen lands a nice shot, goes to the ground and locks up a choke. Yousef defends temporarily. But Thoresen takes his back and changes to a rear naked choke. Then he gets the mount. He looks for ground-and-pound, but you know he just wants that choke back. And eventually he gets it. This time it’s tight enough, and Yousef has to tap.

Result: Simeon Thoresen def. Besam Yousef, submission (rear naked choke), 2:36 Round 2

Reza Madadi vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo
Round 1: Fast start. Madadi with a takedown and right into side control. He looks for a side choke. He continues to try to torque it. But eventually, Izquierdo gets out and lands a really good shot and comes out firing. They take a breath and start over again. Madadi is not a Sweden native, but it’s his adopted home and he has the crowd on his side. They clinch up, and again Madadi gets a good trip takedown. But Izquierdo is right back up. Madadi with a knee to the gut, but the referee breaks them apart. It’s another odd stoppage on the card. Izquierdo with some beautiful kicks that slow Madadi down. Spinning back kick from Izquierdo just misses. Superman punch from Izquierdo is followed by some great strikes, but Madadi gets a takedown. It’s turned into a close first round, but HeavyMMA will give it to Madadi 10-9.

Round 2: Izquierdo opens with some kicks. Spinning back kick misses. Izquierdo with some nice kicks into some punch combos. But Madadi’s counter is the takedown and he gets side control, just like the first round. He looks for a side choke. As Izquierdo tries to power out, Madadi locks on a guillotine. Izquierdo tries to roll out of it, but Madadi rolls with it and finishes with a mounted guillotine and Izquierdo has to tap – with both hands.

Result: Reza Madadi def. Yoislandy Izquierdo, submission (guillotine), 1:28 Round 2

Francis Carmont vs. Magnus Cedenblad
Round 1: Carmont is a teammate of Georges St-Pierre at Tristar Gym in Montreal, and GSP is one of his cornermen tonight. Cedenblad is a local favorite. Cedenblad stays outside, but a good body kick from Carmont and he transitions to a nice takedown. Cedenblad briefly has a guillotine, but Carmont pops out and into Cedenblad’s guard. Cedenblad tries to sit up, but it’s not happening yet. He looks for an arm from his back, but Carmont stands up. Cedenblad uses it to get back up and gets a takedown of his own, and into half guard. He lands some good elbows, and Carmont tries to back out of there and tries to sweep. But Cedenblad gets to mount and lands some short shots. Carmont gives his back, and Cedenblad is looking for a rear naked choke. When he lets go, he lands good shots to the side of Carmont’s head. Carmont tries to buck him off, but he’s not able to. He finally has to try to roll out and Cedenblad keeps the back and tries to finish the choke. But Carmont says he’s fine and he finally rolls out of it. Carmont now on top and lands some good shots up top. He tries to pass from half guard to mount, but can’t just yet. Cedenblad briefly looks like he’ll give his back, but doesn’t. Carmont gets to full mount just as the round ends. But will it be enough? HeavyMMA is going to go 10-9 for Cedenblad but just barely. Could go either way.

Round 2: Carmont gets the fight to the ground quickly in Round 2 and looks for ground and pound. Cedenblad unsure where he wants to be, and Carmont is able to get to full mount. Cedenblad gives his back, and Carmont looks for a rear naked choke. He goes back to ground and pound, and Cedenblad is in survival mode with a long time left. And on his third or fourth choke attempt, he gets it and locks it in and Cedenblad has to tap.

Result: Francis Carmont def. Magnus Cedenblad, submission (rear naked choke), 1:42 Round 2

Cyrille Diabate vs. Tom DeBlass
Round 1: They touch gloves, and we’re back going. DeBlass is a BJJ black belt under UFC vet Ricardo Almeida. He’s making his debut on short notice. He’s got the youth on his side, but “The Snake” has a big reach and height advantage. DeBlass looks for a single, and he finally gets it. Diabate on his back in guard. Diabate doing a nice job of controlling DeBlass’ wrist as DeBlass looks to pass. He gets to half guard and is looking to pass to side control. Halfway through, DeBlass isn’t doing any real damage, but he’s working to better his position. The ref cautions them to get busy, though. Diabate trying to wriggle out and reverse this situation. They pretzel up, but DeBlass is able to pop out to side control. DeBlass really doing little with the dominant position. He briefly looks for an arm, but it’s not there. He’ll finish the round on top, and HeavyMMA gives him a 10-9 first round, though he did virtually no damage to “The Snake.”

Round 2: A kick from Diabate early, and DeBlass immediately catches it and takes the fight right to the floor. He’s in half guard, and it looks like we’ll have a repeat of Round 1 here in the first part of Round 2. DeBlass passes to side control much more quickly this time. Diabate tries to get out of there, but DeBlass drops down with a guillotine. But he can’t keep it as Diabate defends and sneaks out of it. Back on the feet, DeBlass goes for a choke again, but Diabate uses it to get a takedown of his own. DeBlass looks tired, and Diabate lands a coule nice shots from up top. DeBlass looks for a foot, and Diabate backs out of it and falls back – giving DeBlass side control again. Diabate was able to apparently land a good shot because DeBlass is bleeding from his nose. Diabate is able to get back to his feet and lands some good ground and pound as DeBlass very tiredly falls back into guard. Now shots to the body. Big lefts from “The Snake” and then elbows. Then he dives back in with another big one. Diabate has stolen the round, and gets it 10-9 on the Heavy card.

Round 3: Diabate fakes kicks early. Then comes with a nice combination that rocks DeBlass. DeBlass fakes a shot. Diabate lands a nice knee. Good teep from Diabate. No real offense yet from DeBlass this round. He shoots and is able to get a half takedown and looks for a leg lock. But Diabate defends. Diabate land ssome ground and pound and is dominating the fight in the ground striking department. DeBlass looking for a leg, and he’s got it. But Diabate backs out and into guard. DeBlass with 90 seconds left has side control. But he loses the position with ease because he’s just gassed. Diabate looks to land more strikes from his knees with DeBlass on his back. Big elbows to the body from Diabate. It’s a 10-9 final round for Diabate on the Heavy card, and we have him winning the fight 29-28.

Result: Cyrille Diabate def. Tom DeBlass, majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

Papy Abedi vs. James Head
Round 1: Head fires first and misses. Then a body kick. Aedi is the hometown favorite. He throws a pair of leg kicks that are checked. Head comes forward with a nice combo. They clinch. Abedi eventually gets the takedown and Head falls back into guard. They do some work, but Abedi finally passes to half guard. He’s only there for a moment, though, before Head gets up and back to his feet. Abedi dives out of the way of a left from Head. They look for position and Head looks for a guillotine. But it’s not there. But Head starts landing some good right hands, and he’s got Abedi hurt. Head mounts on the ground and with 40 seconds left, he looks for a rear naked choke. And that’s all she wrote. Head gets the tap after the big right hand and big elbows.

Result: James Head def. Papy Abedi, submission (rear naked choke), 4:33 Round 1

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