UFC On FX 4 Preliminary Card Results And Commentary

UFC on FX 4” is set for Friday, June 22, at Revel Atlantic City in New Jersey, and Heavy.com has you covered with all the preliminary card action.

The event’s undercard includes a total of eight contests and features a featherweight contenders bout between Hatsu Hioki and Ricardo Lamas. The card also includes such notables as Rick Story, Matt Brown, and Dan Miller.

Tune into Heavy.com at 5 p.m. ET for complete preliminary card coverage and live results.

Ken Stone vs. Dustin Pague
Round 1: Touch of gloves, and Pague with a kick. Head kick from Stone is blocked. They trade, and Stone lands the better shots, while Pague comes back with a leg kick. Spinning back elbow from Stone misses, but he lands a leg kick.Pague with a leg kick. Midpoint of the round. Stone missing on a combination, but lands a nice jab. Pague with another leg kick, but finishes with a nice combination. Big right lands for Pague, and Stone staggers back. He shoots forward with some punches, but nothing else follows. Break in action due to a groin shot from Pague. Action resumes. Pague with a kick. He comes forward with a nice combo, but Stone lands a jab. Fighters trade kicks with 30 seconds to go. Pague lands a nice right, but Stone fires back on the jab. Head kick blocked by Stone. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Round 2: Touch of gloves to start round two. Pague with a leg kick, and the fighters trade punches. Stone works the jab again. He looks takedown, and Pague has his back up against the cage after being driven into it. Stone working knees in an effort to get this fight down, but Pague is keeping his feet. No action here, and the referee breaks up the clinch. Pague takes a shot below the belt, triggering a second break in action. They restart, and Pague lands an outside leg kick. Stone answers with the same strike. And another. Stone counters nicely. Pague just misses with a spinning back fist. He throws a right, but gets countered again. Body kick from Pague. 90 seconds to go in the frame. Stone continues to counter nicely. Pague looks to lock up, but Stone turns him into the cage and pushes away. Fighters trade kicks. Pague misses on a long left hook as the round closes out. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Round 3: Outside leg kick lands for Pague, followed by an inside leg kick. Good exchange, and Stone lands the nicer shots. Pague comes up short while lunging forward on a combination. Leg kick from Pague, and Stone grabs on for a takedown. Pague keeps his feet again and is up against the cage. Stone trying for a toss, but Pague gets the takedown and moves to the back. He slips off, and Stone scrambles to the top. He is in Pague’s guard now. Not much action here, but Stone is picking up points. Pague jumps back up to his feet with just under 30 seconds to go, but Stone is pressing him against the cage. Takedown attempt from Pague, but the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Official Decision: Stone def. Pague via split-decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Ricardo Funch vs. Dan Miller
Round 1: Miller with a one-two combination, and Funch with a kick. Neither fighter really throwing. Miller comes forward with a big kick to the body. Funch with a combo and a kick shortly after, but he doesn’t land. Funch throwing often, but not really landing anything flush. He pushes forward into the clinch, pressing Miller into the cage. Miller looking for a body lock. He turns Funch and tries to toss him down. He gets it. Oh wait, no. Funch scrambles back up. Very nice defense by Funch, who presses Miller against the cage. Nice toss by Miller, but, again, Funch is back up. Miller flies forward with a combination. Funch fires back against the cage, and they clinch again. One minute to go in the round. The referee breaks them up, and the two immediately start throwing. Funch with a high kick and a combo as the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Round 2: Miller misses on a left, as Funch lands a leg kick. Miller lunges forward with some nice shots. Funch ducks and falls into a guillotine. Knees from Miller, who shoots in for a takedown. Big elbows from Funch, and Miller breaks away. They start throwing heavy. Big kick misses from Funch. He shoots in for a takedown. Miller grabs hold of another guillotine choke, but Funch escapes. He presses Miller against the cage. Takedown attempt from Funch, and Miller is on his back. He is looking for a hell hook, and Funch may be in trouble. Elbows from Funch to the leg of Miller. Upkicks from Miller. Funch escapes and lands a nice right hand to his opponent. Big upkick from Miller sends Funch back a step; that’s enough space for Miller to get back up. Funch pressing Miller into the cage again now. Under one minute to go, and Funch is trying to get this fight back down. Miller jumps up for a guillotine choke with 25 seconds to go. Funch pulls his head out. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Funch.

Round 3: Touch of gloves to start the third and final frame. Leg kick lands for Funch. Miller moves forward with a combination and lands nicely, driving Funch into the cage. Counter from Funch. Miller with a big right hand, and Funch drops. Big punches from Miller. Funch survives, and Miller stands back up. Left hand lands for Miller, and Funch is dazed. Miller with another punch, and Funch stumbles backwards, falling down. He is back up and immediately looks for a takedown. Miller up against the cage. Funch lifts him up and puts him down. Miller up to a knee, looking to stand. Back up. Funch looking for another takedown. Guillotine from Miller. Funch rolls over and is forced to tap. Incredible victory from Miller, and incredible heart from Funch. Great fight.

Official Decision: Miller def. Funch via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:12 of Round 3

Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Catone
Round 1: Nothing much happening here. Catone moves forward, but does little. Leg kick lands for Camozzi, and Catone shoots in for a takedown. He can’t get it, but scores a knee. Camozzi with another leg kick. They trade punches. Camozzi and Catone clinch up against the cage after a flying knee from the former. A right hand lands for Catone. Catone then with a combination to a takedown, and he gets it. He can’t land anything significant and the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Catone.

Round 2: Both guys throwing early in the round. Catone lunges forward, but Camozzi pushes him away. Left hook lands for Catone, but his opponent tries to come back with strikes of his own. Catone ducks out of the way and forces the clinch. Camozzi with knees and pulls away, ducking away from a nice Catone strike. Another clinch. More knees from Camozzi. Catone with a takedown attempt. Camozzi struggling, and he finally gets dragged to the mat. Elbows from the bottom, but Catone lands hammerfists from the top. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Catone.

Round 3: Camozzi probably needs a stoppage here, and he begins early with a few strikes and a knee. Catone didn’t like that and looks a bit dazed. Clinch up against the cage, and Camozzi quickly works knees to the body. Catone is bleeding and is looking rather awful. Takedown attempt misses for him. Another takedown attempt, and Camozzi does nicely to defend against it. Catone is cut badly, and the referee calls in the doctor. This fight is over. Catone said he was fine, but the cut was too bad, according to the doctor and Dan Miragliotta.

Official Decision: Camozzi def. Catone via technical knockout at 1:51 of Round 3

Matt Brown vs. Luis Ramos
Round 1: Not much action to start off the first prelims on FUEL TV this evening. Ramos guns with a left hook and a kick, which causes him to fall. Brown misses on a head kick, and Ramos takes the opportunity to press him up against the cage in the clinch. He drags Brown down, moving to side control, but Brown works his way back to the feet. Ramos quickly gets ahold of his opponent again. Brown transitions for a reverse and breaks away. Ramos with another leg kick, followed by some good punching. Fighters trade kicks, and Brown moves in for the clinch. He lands a knee, and Ramos turns him up against the cage. 10 seconds to go. They are broken up by the referee as time runs out. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Ramos.

Round 2: Trade of kicks to start, and punches. More leg kicks. Ramos with a combination that pushes Brown backwards. They clinch up against the cage. Brown drops down, looking for a takedown, but he can’t seem to get it. He quickly readjusts, coming back up. They separate and start getting to work in the center of the cage. Nice left lands from Brown. A few more follow. Ramos fires back, but does not land. They end up in the clinch again, and Brown lands some nice knees. Ramos is in trouble after that, but they break apart. Brown comes back with more knees and strikes. Ramos is in trouble against the cage. This fight is over after solid knees and punches from Brown.

Official Decision: Brown def. Ramos via technical knockout at 4:20 of Round 2

Joey Gambino vs. Steven Siler
Round 1: Siler immediately looks for a takedown, but he can’t get it. They clinch for a moment, but quickly separate. Gambino with a right hand, but Siler moves out of the way. Siler looking to score some knees. Gambino, meanwhile, lands some nice punches. He looks for a choke, but Siler takes him down in return. Gambino gives up his back. Scramble. Both fighters trying to gain dominant position, but it’s Siler on top, landing punches. He grabs hold of a guillotine. This fight is over. Gambino taps to the choke.

Official Decision: Siler def. Gambino via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:47 of Round 1

Brock Jardine vs. Rick Story
Round 1: Jardine gunning from the opening bell. Story with a solid kick to the body and he counters shortly after with another nice strike. Story with a takedown attempt. In the scramble, he moves to the back, and Jardine tries to defend. Story trying to find the choke, but Jardine is defending nicely. More struggle from Story offensively, while Jardine continues to defend. Doesn’t look like Story will be able to sink it in unless something changes drastically. Jardine jumps back to the feet after a struggle and looks to throw. Story with a kick. Jardine fires back, but misses. Heavy.com scores the round for Story.

Round 2: Let’s see if this round has a bit more action than the first. Nothing really happening early. Story looks takedown, as the first notable offense of the frame. He drives Jardine up against the cage. Nice knees from Story, who has given up on the takedown. Story once again looks to move to the back, and Jardine once again is on the defensive. Battle of hands here, as one fighter seeks a submission; the other hopes to defend said submission. Jardine defending nicely, but there is little action going on now. Jardine finally escapes, but he is going to have to do something incredible to sway the judges in this round. Story with a takedown just after the 30-second mark. Not much action after. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Story.

Round 3: Jardine misses with a hook to start, allowing Story to score a takedown. This is not a good start for Jardine. Jardine defending nicely, landing a strike, and pushing away. Not for long, as Story gets him back in the clinch. They separate again, and Story dodges a punch. Story works the fight to the ground again. He is looking for  choke, but instead lands knees to the body. Jardine struggles, but works his way back up. Break in action due to a low blow, courtesy of Jardine. Story is fine, and we restart shortly after. Leg kick lands for Story, and he gets this contest back down to the floor, right where he wants it. Jardine springs back to the feet. Story gets it back to the ground again. Jardine has nothing to offer here, as this fight comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Story.

Official Decision: Story def. Jardine via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

C.J. Keith vs. Ramsey Nijem
Round 1: Nijem with a right to get things going, but he misses his target. He looks for a clinch, and his opponent lands a knee. It’s low, and there is a break in action. Action resumes shortly after, and Nijem lands a leg kick, followed shortly thereafter by a right. He looks takedown. Keith reverses and ends up in mount after a brief scramble. Nijem escapes and pushes the fight up against the cage. He gets the takedown and works to mount. Good elbows. And a hammer fist. Keith is in trouble here. Keith rolls and is getting great up. This fight is over.

Official Decision: Nijem def. Keith via technical knockout at 2:29 of Round 1

Hatsu Hioki vs. Ricardo Lamas
Round 1: Touch of gloves kicks off the final preliminary contest, and Hioki misses with a front kick. Lamas fires back with an outside leg kick, but his strike finds a home. They get into a clinch, and Hioki forces Lamas up against the cage, looking to work his knees. Lamas referees, but Hioki immediately turns him right back around. Lamas works the fight down with a huge slam. Hioki recovers and is looking to grab hold of an arm, but Lamas defends nicely from top position. They quickly get back to the feet, and Lamas scores with a right. Hioki lands and moves to the clinch. He works the fight down and tries to get an arm bar, but he can’t. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Hioki.

Round 2: Fighters trade early, but Hioki bows out of the boxing match by pushing Lamas into the cage. Lamas defends the takedown, but still finds himself a bit tied up. They break shortly after, and Lamas lands a nice left, followed by a few more decent strikes. Hioki with another takedown attempt, and Lamas looks guillotine choke. He lets it go moments later, and Hioki has top position here. However, Lamas gets guard back after starting with Hioki in side control. Another choke attempt, but Hioki gets out. And another. Same result. The round ends with Hioki no top. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Hioki.

Round 3: Lamas fires off kicks to start the frame, and Hioki comes back with punches. Head kick misses for Lamas, and Hioki lands a shot to the body. Lamas finally lands, putting together a solid combination. Slow start to the round. Hioki answers a Lamas kick with a front kick, which Lamas answers with a hook. Hioki with a takedown attempt, but he falls into another guillotine choke. Hioki is surviving, but it looks somewhat deep. He pops out finally, but Lamas is striking from the bottom. Hioki offering zero offense, basically. 10 seconds, and nothing else happens. Lamas seemed to want that round much, much more. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Lamas.

Official Decision: Lamas def. Hioki via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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