Rogan Says Toney Is “Insane” For Calling Out Lesnar

James Toney has called out just about every heavyweight and light heavyweight in the UFC, including heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Toney, the aging boxing heavyweight champion, will probably make his UFC debut later this year against an undetermined opponent.

Joe Rogan thinks it’s probably a bad idea for Toney to intentionally anger Lesnar:

“The reason Lesnar is so good? He is a direct descendent from ancient giant warriors from thousands of years ago,” Rogan said. “That ain’t a regular dude and you ain’t just going to be able to punch that guy and send him home packing. No, he’s going eat your punch and pick you up in the air like you’re a pillow.”

“You’re not going to jab and shoulder roll your way away from Brock Lesnar,” he continues. “He’s going to [expletive] you. Do whatever he wants to you.”

Rogan has a very good point. James Toney can probably knock out any MMA fighter in the world, Brock Lesnar included, but it’s going to be a short and violent night for Toney if Lesnar is able to grab him.

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