The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode 6 Recap

Last week, Kyacey Uscola started complaining about Coach Ortiz working them too hard prior to fights. Uscola is a big believer in resting before fights, and he contends that overtraining was the reason McCray lost his fight last week. So this week, we open up with a shot of Team Punishment heading to the gym for training, and Uscola continues his tirade, saying that McCray couldn’t keep his arms up because he was doing plyometrics before the fight and shocked his muscles. Kyacey says Tito is supposed to be a mentor, telling the guys to chill out, but he’s not doing it.

Team Liddell holds a training session, and Chuck returns. He talks about his two remaining fighters, saying that Court McGee has a ton of heard and he’s ready to go.

Back at the house, Yager and McCray talk about Tito. McCray doesn’t think Tito is overtraining them. Yager says McCray worked hard and he’s proud of him, then says something about “did your dizzle” that goes right over my head. Yager is apparently a fan of the tough workouts and thinks Tito is doing a great job.

It’s time for a Team Ortiz training session. Nick Ring says the practices aren’t very tiring, and the whole thing has been like a vacation for him. Tito holds a come to Jesus meeting, gathering the team in a circle to talk about overtraining. Tito immediately points Kyacey out and tells him they’re a team, so Kyacey should feel free to talk about his concerns. And of course, when Kyacey does start talking about it, Tito bags on him for being out of shape and gassing early. Kyacey says he meant no ill will towards Tito and that next time he’ll keep his mouth shut.

Tito says he still has no doubts that one of his guys will win the entire show.

It’s time for the Coach’s Challenge, and this year it’s dodgeball. Winner gets $10,000 and all that jazz. Chuck apparently has a rifle arm and should be pitching for a Major League Baseball team, because he absolutely dominates Ortiz to win the challenge and the money. Tito laughs it off, saying something about Chuck’s lack of a personality, then talks about knocking Chuck out in the cage. It’s like he doesn’t remember the first two fights at all.

FIGHT SELECTION: Court McGee vs. Nick Ring

Nick pulls out the “oh no you didn’t,” much to the laughter of his teammates and the confusion of MMA fans around the world. Dana says Nick is very talented and is one of the favorites to win the whole thing.

Back at training, Court does a crazy neck roll that immediately sends sharp pains down my back. Chuck walks Court through Nick’s kicks, instructing him to stay on the outside or the inside, but not in the range of the kicks. At the house, Court talks about his previous addiction to drugs. He tells the now-legendary story of taking one drink in Las Vegas and waking up four days later in somebody’s basement in Iowa with no pants on. He also tells the story of how he overdosed and died but was brought back when paramedics shocked his heart back to life. Quite the turnaround for this fella here.

Team Ortiz has a training session, and almost immediately Hammortree gets hurt. Bad. He makes a sound like a dying seal and says his back is jacked up. Well, there goes another choice for the wild card. Paramedics take Hammortree out of the training center on a back board with his neck stabilized. Looks like Chris Camozzi will be the guy that Team Ortiz brings back for the wild card spot.

Nick says he’s been out of MMA for a few years because of knee surgery, and he’s glad to be back. Ortiz says that Nick was his #1 pick and that this should be an easy fight for him. Nick says he doesn’t have any pressure.

Hammortree is back at the training center. The injury doesn’t seem to be as bad as he thought, but it’s probably bad enough to keep him out of the competition.


Nick Ring (185), Court McGee (185)

Ring says that fighting is the perfect sport for him because it’s the most pure, athletic thing you can do. Hackleman tells Court that all of Nick’s prior opponents weren’t very good.


Round one: Court immediately throws a right hand that connects, then gets a takedown. Ring pulls him into a tight close guard, negating anything Court can do from the top. Nick gets back to his feet, then lands a head kick. Nick keeps Court away with some nice front kicks, and one of them landed strongly. Court grabs a clinch and attempts a takedown, but Nick ain’t budging. So Court keeps trying for awhile until Nick escapes. Court shoots for another takedown but Nick stuffs it. Nick takes his back, or at least attempts to, finally ending up in side control. Tito says “underhook” about 550 times. Court moves Nick into his guard. Nick postures up and lands a couple of right hands. scores the round 10-9 for Nick Ring. It was a close round, but Court’s one takedown led nowhere while Nick was able to land quite a few punches on his.

Round two: Court lands a punch at the same time that Nick lands a leg kick. Nick lands several more leg kicks followed by a head kick. Nick goes back to the leg kick. Court tries a spinning back kick that misses. Court is throwing plenty of punches but not landing any of them. Nick clinches, but Court immediately pushes him into the cage, and they break apart. Court lands a nice uppercut. Again, Court throws plenty of shots but isn’t getting much through Nick’s defense. Nick with another leg kick. Court gives for a takedown but it’s a half-hearted one and Nick stops it easily. Court misses with a head kick and Nick nails him on the lead leg with a great leg kick. Nick doesn’t look at all afraid of Court’s punches at this point, and he lands a head kick. Court finally lands a few more punches. Nick clinches him against the cage, landing a knee to the body. Court lands a left jab as they break apart. Nick with a head kick. Court throws several punches that land as the round ends. This was another close, close round, but I’m going to give it to Court. scores the round 10-9 for Court McGee.

Chuck is confident that Court won the fight and gets in an argument with Jamie Yager. Both coaches make their case for why their guy won, but in the end, the judges give Nick both rounds and the right.

Official decision: Nick Ring by majority decision (20-18, 19-19, 20-18

Liddell is furious at the judges. He gives Dana the evil eye and Dana responds by telling him that he doesn’t control the judges so he doesn’t understand why Chuck is mad at him. Dana concedes that McGee won the second round, but that’s why you don’t let it go to the judges.