The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode 8 Recap

We open with a Team Ortiz training session, where we find out that Kyacey Uscola is a father to a new baby boy. Uscola, if you’ll remember, was due to become a father during the taping of this show, but decided that doing the show was incredibly important for his career and thus missed the birth of his baby. Kyacey talks to his wife, who tells him the boy is soooo cute. Kyacey is emotional, and tells the wife that he has a very important fight tomorrow. This is one of those real moments where you realize how important this show is to some of these veteran journeymen who are trying to get a shot with the UFC.


Kris says it sucks that he has to fight his own teammate in Kyacey, but he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Kris says he’s the underdog. Kyacey has no doubt that his hand will be raised at the end of the fight.

Tito says he’s sitting on the bleachers and not saying anything. He’s not going to coach either guy, and the better man will win.

This is the first-ever wild card fight in TUF history, with the winner getting back into the tournament.


Uscola scored early with some crisp striking, including a few nice leg kicks that go unchecked by McCray. And then Uscola pulls an Anderson Silva and uses a straight front kick to the left knee of McCray, and it hurt him pretty bad.

That move should be banned, and now I want him to lose. Seriously, that kick is designed to blow out somebody’s knee and cause serious injury — there is no other reason to use it. If you’re such a coward that you feel the need to front kick somebody and blow out their knee, causing an injury that will require thousands of dollars in surgery and months upon months on the shelf, you need to tighten up the rest of your game.

McCray rebounded, using a clinch against the cage. He threw a bunch of knees, but one of them went awry and hit Uscola in the junk. Mazagatti separated them, and Uscola goes for the front knee kick AGAIN. It didn’t hit, and McCray got a takedown, but Uscola was back up again. McCray took him down with a big slam and rode out the round. scores the round 10-9 for Kris McCray.

Round 2: McCray got a takedown early, then started working for a kimura. He got the kimura tight for the submission win. Kyacey is frustrated and emotional. Serves you right for trying to maim your opponent. Kris McCray d. Kyacey Uscola via submission, round 2

Kyacey says he had a lot on his mind, but that’s no excuse. He’s disappointed in his performance.