Diaz, Salter Medically Suspended Six Months

Penn, Edgar escape from UFC 118 suspension-free

Nate Diaz and John Salter lead the list of medical suspensions resulting from last weekend’s UFC 118 event in Boston.

Diaz, who squared off in the Fight of the Night with Marcus Davis(and walked away $60,000 richer due to the award), was given a six month suspension for a possible nasal fracture. The Stockton native can return to training early if cleared by a doctor, but is suspended for a minimum of sixty days with no contact for the same period of time.

Salter was defeated by Greg Soto in a preliminary card bout and is suspended for six months for a possible left hand fracture. He can also be cleared early by a doctor but is suspended for a minimum of thirty days.

All four co-main event and main event fighters walked away with no medical suspensions.


Nate Diaz: 180 days for possible nasal fracture
John Salter: 180 days for possible hand fracture
Marcus Davis: 60 days
Kenny Florian: 45 days
Gray Maynard: 30 days
Gabe Ruediger: 30 days
Greg Soto: 45 days
Dan Miller: 30 days
Nick Osipczak: 30 days
Amilcar Alves: 30 days