2010 HeavyMMA Awards: Best Forum, Best Writer, Best Radio/Podcast

2010 HeavyMMA Awards: Best Forum, Best Writer, Best Radio/Podcast

We continue honoring the best of 2010 in mixed martial arts by recognizing the Best MMA Forum, Best MMA Writer and Best MMA Radio or Podcast.  And the winners are…

Best MMA Forum

Winner:  MixedMartialArts.com’s The Underground

Spencer Kyte:  There is no other forum in my opinion. That is all.

Jeremy Botter: It’s frequented by a ton of fighters and it has been around for ages.

Jeff Cain: It’s really not even a question.

Matt Brown: On top of its loyal following of fans, you’ve got Joe Rogan, tons of pro fighters and even Dana White stopping by on a regular basis.  The UG is the ultimate forum.

– Honorable Mention: Sherdog Forums, MMAWeekly Forums, MMAJunkie Forums

Best MMA Writer

Winner:  Ben Fowlkes, MMAFighting.com

Jeremy Botter: He may be my nemesis, but for my money, nobody touches Fowlkes when it comes to original MMA writing. His “My First Fight” series is a must-read.

Spencer Kyte: Dude killed it everywhere this past year – Sports Illustrated, Fight Magazine, UFC Magazine, Cage Potato and MMA Fighting. He’s funny, he’s knowledgeable and he nails it every time. Ben Fowlkes is my idol.

Jeff Cain: What can I say?  He’s a craftsman.

Matt Brown: While I’d love to take credit for Fowlkes success, he was killing it long before I ever assigned him a story.  The way he balances real knowledge and insight with entertainment and humor is truly an art.

– Honorable Mention: Chuck Mindenhall, Thomas Gerbasi, Dave Meltzer (ed. note: sorry Spencer, you weren’t eligible to win)

Best MMA Radio/Podcast

Winner:  The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

Jeremy Botter: We all know that Ariel is one of the best in the business, and his video podcast is top-notch. Helwani brings you the biggest names in the business twice a week, and his interviews are always interesting and compelling.

Jeff Cain: Ariel’s guest list is second to none and his disarming approach gets his guests to open up.  The level of production really sets it apart from the competition.

Matt Brown: Ariel set the bar for aspiring MMA radio/podcast/on-camera personalities and as our sport continues to grow, Ariel’s star power will grow along with it.  He’s one of the most recognizable faces in MMA journalism and has probably even eclipsed some fighters on the popularity meter.  The MMA Hour is a great listen and recommended for any fan of our sport.

– Honorable Mention: The Savage Dog Show, TapouT Radio, Gross Point Blank (R.I.P)

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