Herschel Walker Moves To 2-0 In MMA

Herschel Walker Strikeforce

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker moves to 2-0 in MMA.

Former NFL star and Olympian Herschel Walker advanced his professional mixed martial arts to 2-0 with a technical knockout win over Scott Carson at “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” in San Jose on Saturday.

The 48-year old Walker took a high kick to the head to in the opening seconds, but moved forward landing a looping left that knocked Carson to the canvas.

On the ground, Walker maintained dominant position landing several punches and knees to the head and body, one knocking Carson’s mouthpiece bouncing across the cage.

As Carson tried to use the fence to get to his feet, Walker dropped him with another punch and followed with a couple of more forcing the referee to stop the fight.

“I took a kick where I think I was getting a little bit too excited,” said Walker about the high kick landed by Carson early in the fight. “And when you’re in an MMA fight, you shouldn’t get kicked like that.”

“One thing that Javier (Mendez) told me was build offense. I’ve got to be on the offense,” said Walker. “I gotta control what I’m doing in the cage.”

Walker’s not going to try to make another run in the NFL, but instead looks to improve and compete in MMA.

“MMA is my love,” he said following the fight. “I love MMA.”

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